Northern California restaurant defies Newsom with anti-mask policy.


A restaurant in Placerville, California, has said enough’s enough of Gavin Newsom’s restrictive and oppressive health orders! They have put up a sign telling their customers that they do not have to wear a mask or gloves to enter the restaurant! Bravo!

The sign that is encouraging people not to wear masks and gloves if they don’t feel like doing so has caused some backlash online from the people that are OK with mass protests but not OK with a restaurant being open. The owner said he disagrees with county health rules, so he’s not implementing them. The owner knows he is at risk of the State trying to enforce some kind of action against him.

I love how they referred to “Social Distancing” as “Social Conditioning,” very clever! I wish I lived near this restaurant so I could go give them some money and try some of their food! They certainly deserve all the business in the world right now!

Look, we have to live our lives and we cannot live them in fear of an Invisible Enemy. We all know the risks of the virus, we are aware of the symptoms, we have a pretty good idea of how it spreads around. It is essentially not that much different from the Flu or Common Cold. Frequently washing your hands and staying home if you are sick are pretty much the only two health practices we need to prevent this virus.

A cloth mask simply doesn’t work at preventing the virus. It does work at making some people feel better though. Similar to a placebo effect. It’s kinda like you put a towel on your kid’s back, tell them it’s a cape, and now they think they are Superman…

The El Dorado County Health Department said they’ve gotten close to 20 complaints about Apple Bistro since March. They said they will visit next week to give a warning and then if complaints continue, they may decide to suspend the bistro’s permit. We can’t let that happen. Now is the time to stand for freedom.

Imagine, roughly 130,000 Americans have died from the virus in America and that has lead to many governors and local leaders going full tyranny and imposing extremely restrictive measure on the population. What do you think they would they do if a disaster killed 1,000,000 Americans? I don’t want to find that out, so we need to oppose all of these tyrants. The good thing the virus has done is expose all of these crooked politicians.

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