Newsom denies NYT story that thanking Trump was required for covid relief

In a Monday press conference, Newsom called The New York Times characterization of the events “not true,”

California Governor Gavin Newsom has outright denied a fake news story in the New York Times that claimed the Trump Administration required Newsom to publicly thank Trump in order to receive covid relief.

When I read the New York Times story that Trump supposedly demanded Newsom thank him publicly in order to get covid relef, I immediately had a strong feeling that the story was fake or exaggerated. Well Governor Newsom himself has outright denied the validity of that fake news story.

The New York Times claimed that when the Newsom Administration asked the Trump administration for assistance it was Jared Kushner that told a top Newsom advisor, Bob Kocher, that “the federal help would hinge on the governor doing him a favor.” This was clearly a lie.

You know the fake news is going too far when even the people that should be on their side have to distance themselves from the false stories.

My analysis is that the Newsom advisor most likely wanted to explain away why Newsom praised the Trump administration’s response to the virus after some two-bit NYT reporter reached out and asked him why Newsom thanked Trump.

The panicked advisor probably then made up a lie that Kushner told him that publicly thanking and praising Trump was a requirement for the covid relief. Painting Newsom as someone forced to thank Trump in order to save lives and implying that otherwise he never would have done so.

I hope action is taken against that Newsom advisor, Bob Kocher, who is clearly a fervent anti-Trumper and he is always sharing dubious articles from the New York Times on his twitter feed. His relationship with the NYT should be investigated immediately. Newsom should fire this advisor if he has even a shred of integrity.

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