Another California Death Row Inmate Dies; Virus Suspected

Troy A. Ashmus, 58, died Monday outside of the prison near San Francisco, according to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Ashmus was sent to death row in 1986, convicted of raping 7-year-old Marcella Davis. Plastic bags, cellophane and the girl’s own shorts were shoved down her throat, prosecutors said. These are the types of heinous criminals that Governor Gavin Newsom is fighting to protect.

Ashmus was the seventh death row prisoner and the 12th overall at San Quentin to die from confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections. It is ironic that COVID-19 has executed more Death Row inmates in just a few months than the state officials have in the last two decades.

The People of California have continued to uphold the Death Penalty. In 2012 and 2016 we defeated initiatives to abolish the death penalty by popular vote. In 2016 we even voted for the state to begin expediting death sentences. Numerous polls show that over 55% of California voters support the Death Penalty.

Ashmus was truly evil and sick person and I will gladly say without hesitation that I am very glad he is no longer on this Earth and the taxpayers will no longer have to fund this evil person’s housing costs. Not only will I not lose sleep over this, I will sleep even better knowing this evil man is dead before Newsom had a chance to let him back out into the streets.

Why the hell was this dirtbag even still alive after nearly 34 years on death row? Why do we even have a death row if we never execute people? I don’t understand the Democrats insistence on keeping these people alive. It is a complete slap in the face to the victims and their families. I am glad that the COVID-19 pandemic nightmare is actually finding a way to do a little bit of good in the world by taking out these heinous criminals against Newsom’s wishes.

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