Berkeley to replace police with unarmed civilians during traffic stops

“We also need to be dismantling the systems of fines and fees that keep communities that are targeted by these policies in poverty.”

After hours of deliberation the City of Berkeley in California is moving forward with a proposal to replace police with unarmed civilians during traffic stops and cut the police department budget in half. They claim that the move is an effort to curb ‘racial profiling,’ though it is unclear exactly how replacing police with unarmed civilians is supposed to end racial profiling.

Liberals point at one or two horrible instances where a minority was shot by an officer and claim that all police traffic stops are racist now. Like the shooting of Philando Castile, who died after being shot by police during a traffic stop. Which admittedly, yes it was a terrible incident, but after watching the video I really don’t think it had anything to do with racism.

Berkeley’s agreed upon proposals also include removing the police department from responding to calls involving people experiencing homelessness or mental illness and discovering a path to eventually cut the police budget by half. The vote also called for the creation of a separate city department to handle the enforcement of parking and traffic laws.

This is just down right insane at a time when crime is rising across the board. Don’t believe the nonsense that “crime is down” because the reality is that lower-level crimes are being underreported. I am positive they are raising at the same alarming rate as the shootings and murders that have ravaged every Liberal area since this cultural revolution has begun.

Traffic stops can ultimately be very dangerous. You never know when you are dealing with a drunk person who could become violent, a criminal with a warrant out for their arrest, a mentally ill person, or just someone who doesn’t want a traffic ticket. They aren’t going to listen to some “unarmed civilian” who tries to pull them over.

Traffic stops at times have even turned violent for no real reason. In early 2019, Natalie Corona, age 22, died due to gunshot wounds she sustained while responding to a multi-car accident. She was just a rookie, shot to death just for helping. If you think that an “unarmed civilian” is going to be OK in these situations you are totally insane.

They will have to be paid a hell of a lot of money in order to want to put themselves into such a dangerous situation. Traffic stops may seem harmless, and they probably are 90% of the time. But just those few times it turns violent you will wish an armed police officer was there. In fact, the presence of an armed officer acts as a calming factor and a deterrent to violence.

The funny thing is that those same insane Liberals are going to be the main ones not listening to some social traffic worker trying to pull them over. If they already don’t stop sometimes when an officer tells them, what makes you think they will stop when an unarmed civilian tries it?

This is going to lead to chaos in the streets. Some of the biggest problems in these major cities are the traffic problems. Sending squads of unarmed bureaucrats to patrol some of the worst traffic on the planet is really not going to end well. I wish them luck and I truly hope it does work out, but I know enough about humanity and civilization to know this won’t work out the way they intended.

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