Study finds San Francisco has the worst plumbing in California

One of the key features of a dystopian society is when you have an area of extreme wealth with a small minority of very rich people that at the same time houses a large poor and homeless population…Welcome to any big modern American City!

A new study has found that San Francisco has the worst plumbing among California’s 58 counties. Even worse than Los Angeles. Wow. Considering that San Francisco is also one of the wealthiest areas you have to ask yourself how this can even be possible.



The coronavirus pandemic may compound struggles for those who live in housing with substandard plumbing. Over half of these units (57%) also lack a kitchen, making it hard for people to prepare meals at home. Affected individuals disproportionately face health and health care challenges.


Compared to people living in modern facilities, those in housing with substandard plumbing are about twice as likely to be disabled (20% vs. 10%) and more likely to have no health insurance (13% vs. 8%). Furthermore, these units are much more likely to be single-person households (22% vs. 9%), which raises broader concerns about mental health: people living alone could be more at risk of loneliness during the pandemic.


Reducing virus spread through frequent handwashing is a vital part of managing the COVID-19 pandemic. But not every California household has the plumbing to meet basic hygiene needs. Addressing this deficiency would take time and effort, but adequate plumbing is part of the foundation of improved health for the communities we live in.

The leaders in California are some of the most far Left politicians and officials in the entire country. They think that it’s OK for people to live in total squalor, in homes without a toilet or shower, or even a kitchen. This is a disaster considering that our leaders frequently tout how rich California is and yet we can’t even provide some of the most basic needs to our most vulnerable residents.

The state of California desperately needs a change of leadership as soon as possible.

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