Some California businesses vow to stay open

“It has everything to do with keeping this barbershop open and keeping these people’s families fed and my family fed.”

A barbershop in Laguna Hills has a strong message for Governor Gavin Newsom and the local leaders pushing the latest round of shutdowns, they won’t be closing down until someone from the city or state tries to force them to close. This is the attitude we need from all business owners right now.

If you are a business owner and you willfully comply with these new shutdown orders, despite the fact that you were following all the previous guidelines with masks and sanitation, you are killing your own business for Newsom’s political agenda. This is not about safety anymore. This is about Gavin Newsom trying to stoke up virus fears.

If a business was shutdown because someone actually tested positive for COVID-19 and several people got sick that is probably something that few would disagree with. But preemptively shutting down businesses where no one has gotten sick and the employees were all following the overbearing guidelines like wearing masks, that is just plain wrong.

We shouldn’t be punishing small businesses while mega corporations like Walmart and Target can still operate totally fine. If Walmart and Target can allow dozens or even hundreds of people inside their stores with only the simplest form of cloth mask, then a small business can allow a few people inside their store as well.

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