California Native-Americans defy Gov. Newsom’s shutdown orders

The California Gaming Association has reached out to Governor Newsom to ask him why he is enforcing his health orders unevenly. The CGA is referring to the fact that Casinos and other businesses located on Native-American reservations have not been complying with Newsom’s health orders and remain open.

The California Gaming Association wrote the Governor, saying “If your office has made a determination that gambling facilities pose a risk to the health and safety of the public in certain counties, we ask that you call upon ALL gaming operators in the targeted counties to close.”

“If we’re all in this together, we’re all in this together. It’s not really fair to have other folks operating, and it’s not really healthy. I mean, if we believe there’s a real health and safety risk to the public, then all of us should be shut down. And you can make a pretty good argument that the longer other folks stay open, the longer the rest of us are going to have to be closed,” said Kirkland.

The Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino told FOX26 News it has no plans to close back down.

And honestly, they shouldn’t have to close back down if they don’t want too. No one should have to close their business back down over the latest virus fears. The mortality rate for the virus still remains extremely low. CGA President Kirkland needs to stop being a Karen and instead be a man like these Native-Americans and just open up in defiance of Newsom.

Casinos are fairly unhealthy places to begin with. A lot of these California Casinos have cancer-causing lead in the poker chips. They serve alcoholic drinks. They allow people to gamble. Why are they also expected to be arbiters of health and moral safety? It’s asinine. Everyone knows the risk of COVID-19 at this point. Everyone knows to wash your hands and stay home if you are sick or at risk. That alone prevents the overwhelming majority of death.

Also it is OK for a business to ask people to leave your establishment if they are obviously sick, coughing and sneezing everywhere. You can also ask your patrons to wear a mask. If it is safe for Walmart and Target to stay open then it is safe for everyone else to stay open.

It’s been proven (yes, with science) that it is extremely rare for any asymptomatic person to spread the virus so these unfounded fears that you don’t know who is spreading the virus are wholly unnecessary and not based in science.

And crying to the governor to shutdown other people or let you reopen probably won’t get you anywhere. Especially in this case because the Natives have minority-privilege and CGA President Kyle Kirkland over here is a “privileged” straight White male. he is part of the class of people that get afforded zero special privileges these days and are actively expected to get on their knees for every non-white person. So I don’t expect Newsom to listen to him.

If these California Casinos really want to open up then they need to follow the lead of the Native-Americans and just open up in defiance of the state. Honestly, you are going to have to make the state challenge you. When you voluntarily comply, then you can’t blame anyone but yourself. If the state wants to try to pull your liquor license, or some other shenanigans, call their bluff. The state needs the revenue generated by casinos and other businesses and they cannot afford to lose it. If it comes down to it, they know there are 49 other states that would welcome your business.

Bravo to these Native-Americans that said “screw you” to Newsom in the best way possible. Shame on CGA President Kyle Kirkland for his weakness.

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