Newsom goes too far, reorders shutdowns in all California counties.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a sweeping statewide reclosure order for indoor operations in all restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment, zoos, museums, cardroom and bars must close ALL operations…

How is any of this legal you might ask? Well technically speaking, it isn’t. These orders are all illegal and unconstitutional. Newsom is doing all of this through emergency executive orders, not by actually passing a law through the legislature. Any sane judge would agree…too bad finding sanity in the judiciary is rare these days.

A few weeks ago, a smart Judge had actually put a stop to Newsom and his ability to issue these emergency orders, since he was clearly circumventing the legislature, but then a higher court judge on the 3rd circuit intervened and overturned the lower courts decision…Insane!

I personally think the best course of action is to try and force Newsom to enforce these orders. Which might entail actually getting arrested or being issued some type of fine. Now, I would NEVER advocate that somebody break the law, but these are not real laws. I am fairly certain that Newsom will not be able to pursue any substantial legal action against anyone who violates his orders.

These businesses are all hurting themselves by complying with these egregious orders. It wasn’t even a week ago that Newsom ordered a bunch of his competitors to shutdown while he kept his own winery open…These people are hypocrites and power hungry control freaks. They do not care about your health at all.

You really think the governor who supports illegal immigration and is actively shipping sick patients into California from other countries actually cares about your health? Please, he doesn’t give a damn about you, truth be told. Newsom cares about himself and his political agenda. Nothing more.

These are not real laws, they are emergency health orders being pushed under the guise of a psuedo-emergency situation. COVID-19 was nowhere near the killer they told us it would be. Numerous studies continue to debunk everything we thought we initially knew about the virus. For instance the fact that surfaces don’t seem to be very important now when in early March they told us surfaces were a main point-of-contact…

It is extremely important for us to challenge Gavin Newsom on his latest tyranny. If we allow it to go unchecked then he will have even more power when a real disaster strikes. California is overdue for a major earthquake. It would be a nightmare if any real disaster hit right now when Newsom has millions of workers unemployed. Add to that our massive homeless population which Newsom has also failed to address.

His plan to house the homeless during COVID, a plan called Operation Roomkey, has barely housed less than 10,000 out of 150,000 identified at-risk homeless. Even in the areas where homeless were being put in hotels, we had horrible tales of city officials actually spending tax dollars to buy cigarettes and marijuana for these homeless…

The Democrats would not know how to handle an actual crisis. They have used the overhyped virus crisis to push their political agenda and exert political control. Pushing mail-in ballots, trying to shut down gun stores, targeting businesses for not complying with unconstitutional health orders, and shutting down any protests that aren’t Black Lives Matter protests…

The state leaders have done nothing to actually help anyone in a meaningful way. The California unemployment program has been nothing short of a disaster. The plan to delay rental payments will eventually lead to mass evictions. The shutdowns of those businesses for no real reason will hurt many in the middle-class who own those businesses and hurt many in the lower-class who work at those businesses.

Newsom is out of control and out of touch with what the common person has to deal with. I see it with my own eyes everyday. These virus restrictions are hampering the ability of the law-abiding citizen to go about their day and earn a living for themselves. Newsom must be stopped. Please sign the petition to recall him from office.


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