California Pastor says “enough’s enough,” will defy Newsom’s singing ban

“I said enough’s enough…We will be singing and praising the Lord….We don’t chant, but if we did chant, we’d be chanting too.” -Senior Pastor Jim Clark

“If you’re allowed to chant ‘Hey hey, ho ho, racism’s got to go’ but you can’t chant the liturgy, that’s obviously discriminatory,” -Harmeet Dhillon


Crossroads Community Church Senior Pastor Jim Clark is drawing a line in the sand and saying no to Newsom’s ban on singing! Not only that, but he also says he has no plans to stop indoor worshiping! We need more brave Pastors like this!

These Health Orders regarding COVID-19 get more strict and bizarre by the day. In one of the latest orders, the California Governor had banned singing in church. Needless to say, this order rubbed people the wrong way. Especially when we have seen thousands of people gather in the streets chanting and yelling for “protests” with no condemnation whatsoever from the state.

Our leaders are actually praising these protesters and hailing them as heroes. Meanwhile they are actually citing businesses or churches that fail to fully comply with all of these tyrannical and ever-changing health orders! Unreal!

I am so glad that some pastors and even a few businesses are actually standing up to Newsom and his goons. You are not alone. We have actual teams of great lawyers on our side that are working hard to sue the Newsom administration over their extreme health orders that are actually unconstitutional and illegal.

The American Center for Law and Justice says it will sue.

“We can’t stand by and watch as California strips its believers of their God-given right to raise their voices in worship and praise,” executive director Jordan Sekulow, son of Jay Sekulow, legal counsel to President Trump.

Every time we make the Newsom administration enforce his unconstitutional orders we make him stand on legal thin ice. We make Newsom put himself at risk of an embarrassing loss in the courts. Or even better when we make him back down.

Newsom is overreaching with these insane health orders and his legal standing is very shaky. That is why he is relying more on social shaming and vague threats to gain compliance rather than actually trying to use the law against people.

Asking people to take basic precautions is one thing, trying to ban singing and force everyone to wear a mask every single place they go is quite another. Many people, on both sides of the aisle, are getting downright sick of these health orders that are prohibiting their ability to worship, run a business, or even comfortably go about their day. We want this to end already.

We understand the virus and we all know the risks, they are basically the same associated with the Common Cold or the Flu. We can all get back to our lives without having Newsom or any other politician trying to dictate how we live.

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