A Dem mayor in Mississippi and his wife indicted on federal fraud charges

Prosecutors say Moss Point Mayor Mario King (D) and Natasha R. King raised money for mental health programs but ended up spending the money on themselves for other expenses like car payments and the purchase of a pet dog…


You can see Mario King here proudly painting Black Lives Matter propaganda on the streets of Mississippi. These days to be a successful Dem politician you just have to virtue-signal enough. He was the youngest mayor ever elected to run Moss Point Mississippi at just 30-years-old…and now you see the dangers of electing people just because they are young and the right racial minority to fit the wokeness of our times.

Of course an indictment is not a conviction, he will still get his day in court and I honestly hope he isn’t guilty. But from everything I see from all these corrupt Democrats these days that are all looking to use their office to enrich themselves, it isn’t looking good for Mario King.

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