51 arrested, $4 million seized in Inland Empire raids

During these operations, the INCA Task Force seized approximately $4 million in U.S. currency and arrested 51 individuals on charges of money laundering associated with drug trafficking.


Over the past two months, the INCA Task Force has seen a significant increase in activity related to out-of-state criminal drug trafficking organizations operating in the Inland Empire.


The increase in narcotic proceeds seizures is believed to be, in part, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses, which has made it harder for drug trafficking organizations to transfer or launder narcotic proceeds through commonly used businesses that were forced to temporarily close due to the pandemic.


As a result, members of these drug trafficking organizations entered California from states – including Washington, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Maine – to purchase illegal drugs. 

A recent series of drug trafficking operations in the Inland Empire resulted in 51 arrests and the seizure of $4 million in cash, according to California law officials.

The extensive drug and trafficking networks that have run rampant in our country have their roots in California. An enforcement here has results across the nation. AG Xavier Becerra may publicly pretend to supports enforcements like this, but at the same time he is doing everything to hamper the Trump administration’s efforts to aim at the heart of these crime problems.

Becerra spends most of his time suing the Trump Administration and not nearly enough time going after actual criminals. Anytime an agency wants to target these kinds of drug trafficking networks the worst criminals somehow get the tip-off about the impending raid and get away…In some cases these law enforcement actions have to take place without notifying the most Liberal politicians otherwise we see a situation like we saw when the Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned criminal illegal aliens about an impending raid.

Also it is kind of odd that we are doing these arrest while at the same time the state of California is looking to release any prisoners that may have covid or be at risk of catching the virus…The same virus that has one of the highest infectious rates ever. This is leading to prisoners actually trying to purposefully get the virus so they can get out early! Insane!

Thank you to the brave law enforcement agents that continue to try and target these drug and human trafficking networks. Shame on the California Democrats for doing everything they can to pander to these very criminals! They will continue to work over the coming months and years to get these people released and we will have to keep fighting them on it.

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