14 indicted on felony charges for looting during Cincinnati protests

“That’s not a protest. That is looting and it’s not going to be tolerated by my office, I can tell you that.” -Hamilton County Prosecutor.

14 people have been charged in connection with looting that took place in Cincinnati, Ohio in the wake of George Floyd’s death. One man is accused of helping to loot an astounding $60,000 worth of merchandise from Saks during the riots that engulfed the big Liberal cities across the nation.

More indictments stemming from these incidents are likely.


A grand jury indicted Justin Crum on two counts of breaking and entering and falsification. Crum was caught on a security camera with several other people stealing about $60,000 worth of merchandise from the downtown Cincinnati Saks department. The store was looted on May 30 during the riots.


Justin Crum is accused of breaking into Saks twice in three days..


On June 3, Crum is accused of breaking a window at Saks to get into the store. Court documents don’t indicate what exactly was taken, but you can imagine it was a number of very expensive items. Saks department stores are known for having very exorbitant prices.

Another man was found with an AR15 and extended clip…


Just look at the dead eyes and broken faces. These are disturbed individuals that have been whipped into a frenzy by the Democrat Party. Only they aren’t galvanized by fighting injustice, they are excited about confiscating other people’s wealth for themselves. That is the motivation behind the majority of these “protests.”

It isn’t about “ending racial injustice” because America is already the least racist country on the planet. The USA has elevated more black people from poverty to wealth than any other nation. The only reason more black people are not doing well is because of failed Democrat policy that is designed to hurt them and keep them subservient.

The Democrats must promise them a bunch of free stuff, free healthcare, free food, free housing, free education, free everything in order to get them motivated to vote or “protest.”

That type of greedy selfish mentality among a large group of people will always lead to riots, looting, and robberies. Which is the nightmare we saw unfold and ravage the nation during the widespread riots after the Media blasted that video of George Floyd everywhere and told everyone to be outraged. Violence which is continuing to plague the inner cities that are run by the pro-Crime Democrats that refuse to allow the police to do their jobs.

Let us hope we can see these looters continue to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for what they did. Any arrest and prosecution connected to the BLM and ANTIFA riots is a blessing.

These looters are the type people voting for the Democrat Party. They loot your store physically then support politicians that want to loot your bank account with crazy social programs. The only ones that will benefit with any defunding the police initiatives are the criminals.

We need to put a stop to it immediately. If we allow them to take away our law enforcement then these crazy mobs will be allowed to do anything they want and never pay a price. We need to keep fighting them and make sure we support the police.



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