California Dems want thousands more prisoners released

The San Francisco district attorney, Chesa Boudin, and the Alameda public defender, Brendon Woods, are demanding that Gavin Newsom immediately release thousands of prisoners amid the current manufactured surge in cases of Covid-19.

Only 31 prisoners have died due to covid-19 in the entire state of California. It makes little sense that we would release these prisoners at this time, especially if they have been exposed to the virus. Since they are telling us that the spread began when prisoners were transferred in between prisons, why would we then transfer those prisoners into the population at large? Unless they want it to spread.

If everything they tell us about the virus is true, then shouldn’t the prisoners just shelter-in-place and wear masks and they should be fine…right?

Here is a very interesting little tidbit that has arisen out of this, officials reported in the past week that five people on death row died from complications related to the Chyna virus. Some slight good news for a change. Funny how the virus is working faster than California’s broken death row system ever operated.

“We’ve known for years that locking people up steals resources from our schools and hospitals. It forces kids to grow up without families.” -SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin

Now, for a second I want to talk about a San Francisco district attorney, Chesa Boudin. I first thought it was a woman, I think I read it as Chelsea and not Chesa, but after researching his past and learning about what he is working towards I don’t even know if this is a human anymore. For sure this is a very creepy individual with a strange past and an extremely radical agenda.


SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin

In 1981, when Chesa Boudin was just a baby, his parents left him with a babysitter to take part in an armored car robbery…They were members of the Weather Underground terrorist organization. The botched robbery they participated in lead to the death of a security guard…After Chesa’s parents went to jail, he was then raised by none other than Bill Ayers.

Chesa Boudin frequently visited his parents in jail and he is extremely sympathetic to their radical Left-Wing cause. He promises to abolish “mass incarceration”, get rid of cash bail, he wants to get rid of ICE and prosecute agents that violate Sanctuary City laws, and he wants to stop prosecuting prostitution…In other words, Chesa Boudin seeks to radically reform our justice system into one more favorable to terrorists like his parents. He wants to turn California, and eventually America, into a total criminal’s paradise.

Chesa Boudin celebrates decision to move San Francisco from Death Row down to Life with the Possibility of Parole….

Clifford Bolden was convicted of robbing and stabbing an accountant in 1986 after meeting him in a bar. At the time, Bolden was on parole after serving prison time for manslaughter. The argument for letting him out was that apparently the jury was made unaware that Bolden was “schizophrenic.” As if that somehow makes it more acceptable to grant him parole hearings. These are the people that Chesa Boudin wants out in the streets.

I sure as heck wouldn’t want a killer like Bolden living in my neighborhood and soon he just might be living in yours…Not even because he is granted parole, but because they let him out early due to insane covid policy!

To give that killer parole eligibility when he already killed someone the last time he was on parole is an insult to the victims, their families, and the people on this nation. To let thousands of people out of jail early is a terrible miscarriage of justice, and truly letting down all of the victims of crime. I don’t care what fake emergency they drum up, we shouldn’t be letting so many people out of jail early.

Sadly, radicals like Chesa “Ayers” Boudin are just one of many far Left radicals trying to fundamentally change our nation at the moment and they hold many positions of power. We need to identify and remove all of these people from office at the first available opportunity, The security of our neighborhoods depends on it.

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