Californians arrested for looting weeks later

Police say they identified Keyairra Cloyd, 28, as the woman captured on surveillance video looting Joy’s Beauty Salon in San Bernardino, California, on May 31 after a local protest turned into a violent riot and looting.

Micko Shamia Brown, 23, of San Bernardino, was seen carrying a pile of hair products inside the beauty supply store while it was looted, police said. Authorities served a search warrant at her home and located items taken from the business.



23-year-old San Bernardino resident named Desiree Lashaye Zimmerman was also identified and said to have participated in the looting. The women admitted involvement when interrogated and they were arrested on suspicion of burglary and looting.

Detectives were also able to identify San Bernardino resident Anthony Thomas Zaragoza as was one of the people who looted the nearby Dollar General. He admitted to taking part in the looting. He was booked into jail on suspicion of burglary, looting and vandalism.

The Police are not letting up on these investigations and they are doing everything they can to bring these looters and rioters to justice. This really is not a good time to be talking about defunding the police when we need them now more than ever. There are countless numbers of open criminal investigations right now, many of those cases still relating to all of the looting and rioting that swamped the country in late May and early June. If we defund the police now then we will never see justice against the looters.

I am glad the Police are still finding these people and prosecuting them. It was an absolute disaster what happened to our society when that looting took place. It was a near complete breakdown of our society. That kind of incident can never be allowed to happen again. One of the best ways to ensure it doesn’t happen again is to strongly punish everyone that participated in the riots and looting.

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