Newsom’s strike teams issued 52 citations over 4th of July weekend

“There were only a handful of citations because the overwhelming majority of people were doing the right thing…Even if people were out of compliance, the engagement got people back into compliance very quickly.” –California Gov. Newsom.

Newsom’s recently formed “strike teams” of armed state bureaucrats contacted thousands of California businesses over the 4th of July weekend and they issued 52 citations regarding non-compliance over coronavirus health orders.

The teams issued 52 citations because most business owners complied with the teams’ directives, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday. Well yeah I would assume that business owners would comply when armed agents of the state show up and threaten to shut them down.

It amazes me the way Newsom brags and boasts that he is able to keep these businesses in compliance with his extreme health orders. Most businesses are already run by law-abiding people that will follow most guidelines and laws, no matter how strict. These are people who listen to the state. You will notice that Newsom is not sending armed state agents into the protests and telling them to social distance. Why? Because the protesters won’t listen to him.

Newsom is not using the local police for these enforcement actions, he is using armed state officials with an agency known as Alcoholic Beverage Control. They go to businesses with guns and bullet-proof vests and threaten to pull their alcohol license or otherwise shut them down. Of course most business owners are going to comply, they are already people who listen to the government. Which is the reason why California is targeting them.

The state of California does not target the organized crime syndicates in the state. They ignore human trafficking networks. They ignore illegal aliens. They ignore the homeless problem. Why? Because those are real problems that would need actual hard work to fix them. Going after businesses is easy and a low hanging fruit, so they become the target of the state.

Once California business owners actually stand up to the state and tell Newsom to back off, then the state will stop going after them. If these businesses keep allowing Newsom to dictate how they run their business, then Newsom will continue issuing more and more edicts to continue to exert his control.

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