California man allegedly kills 13-yr old in violent carjacking

The suspect, who has been identified as 26-year-old Jose Elias Aguilar, was recently arrested and released on zero bail for felony possession of a dirk or dagger and vandalism, according to authorities.

A California man is said to have carjacked a minivan with an 18-year old girl, a 13-year-old girl, and two boys ages 11 and 8 still inside the vehicle waiting for their parents to return as they picked up food.

As the man sped away, the occupants were all either ejected or jumped from the car. With the 13-year-old girl being ejected from the speeding vehicle last. She “struck a stationary object” and died at the scene. The 8-year-old boy who was also forcibly ejected from the car suffered major injuries and remains in the hospital.

After Isabella was ejected from the car the man continued driving until he crashed the car. Then he tried to steal another car from a man whose wife and child were inside. That driver actually physically fought with Aguilar, choking the guy out (choke holds work) and some nearby vendors helped detain the suspect and tie him up until police arrived.

The incident occurred Sunday in Pico Rivera, California. The 18-year old and the 11-year old suffered relatively minor injuries. The family has been utterly devastated at this totally senseless and random act of violence perpetrated by a man who was arrested on felony possession charges in May but released with no-bail.

That is the worst part about all of this is how avoidable it was. This never would have happened if the police and justice system were allowed to do their real jobs and put these kinds of criminals behind bars. Instead, we have a politicized justice system and police that are doing the bidding of the California Democrats and releasing all of these criminals from jail early and without bail.

Well now a family is torn apart forever. Lives lost or otherwise damaged beyond recognition. And for what? Because some psychopath wanted to randomly hurt people? Because our mayor and governor get a sick kick out of helping criminals terrorize society? Because the police are not being allowed to hold these criminals in custody? California is in a really bad shape and the people are paying the price.

The people of the state are suffering badly under our inept or corrupt state leadership. Many people have been raped, robbed, or even killed over the years as a result of really weak crime policy by the state of California. It needs to change. We need to start getting tougher on crime or more innocent people will keep dying. Very sad. My heart goes out to all the families.

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