Newsom sending armed state officials to threaten businesses

Morgan Hill officials and business owners were stunned, shocked, and confused when armed agents with California’s Alcoholic Beverage Control showed up late Friday and suddenly ordered some several restaurants to close their outdoor dining service immediately. Morgan Hill is a city in Santa Clara County, California, at the southern end of Silicon Valley.

The county was already allowing restaurants to offer outdoor dining for weeks. The nearby city named Gilroy was also threatened by Newsom’s goons.

“ABC stresses education over enforcement in most instances, and the vast majority of owners voluntarily complied after meeting with ABC agents”

Of course they complied when you show up with guns and threaten them with fines. Why are these agents just wearing a POLICE vest? Why doesn’t it say Alcohol and Beverage Control? Business owners in Morgan Hill were confused because they thought local police were enforcing these orders due the POLICE vests. When they called the Police Department to ask about it the police said they had no idea the enforcement was taking place…

Understandably, this extreme action to enforce Newsom’s illegal orders were met with frustration and shock by many business owners and officials. Both the mayor and the Morgan Hill police chief said they were unaware of any orders to ban outdoor dining. They also stated they were not informed of any impending raid by the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

The mayor of Morgan Hill said he read over every one of Newsom’s orders and listened to his announcement and nowhere is there a ban on outdoor dining mentioned. The mayor rightfully asked how was he supposed to enforce an order that is nowhere to be found? It really seems like Newsom and his goons are just making up these demands on the fly!

Literally, the ABC agents were hand-delivering flyers that stated the new directive…Crazy how ICE typically can’t make a raid in California without informing the state and local officials, but this ABC agency can operate with zero transparency while making up orders on the spot!

Morgan Hill is a very affluent area that voted 73% in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016. This is an area where most business owners probably donate to the Democrat Party. You would think Newsom would be a little kind to them and not send armed goons to threaten them, but often in a dictatorship the tyrant is rougher on his most obedient subjects rather than those they do not control.

Let us just hope that these business owners and residents are starting to see very clearly how out of control the Newsom Administration has been during this pandemic. I don’t even want to imagine what Newsom would do if California got struck with a tsunami or huge earthquake. We cannot afford to find out, that is why so many people are signing a recall petition to get Newsom out of office!

I hope these business owners all sign it if they want to see a state-level change to a more transparent and stable administration. This isn’t about Democrat vs Republican, this is about Common Sense vs Newsom!

He is shutting down everyone else’s business while keeping open any businesses he has a connection with. He doesn’t even need the money from any business since he already maintains an estimated networth of $20,000,000 and is one of the richest politicians in the country. You would think he could donate his salary or his earnings, but nope because Greedy Gavin wants it all for himself!

Newsom doesn’t care about you or your business of your family. Newsom is not doing any of this to protect you, he is doing it all to control you.



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