Hypocrite Newsom BLASTED for keeping his own winery open

When Gavin Newsom announced a sweeping reclosure of many restaurants, bars, and wineries across the state, it didn’t take long for people online to notice a winery founded by Newsom himself was still open for business.

Newsom’s sister, Hilary Newsom Callan, is president of PlumpJack Group. The owners of Plumpjack Winery in Napa Valley where Newsom’s shutdown order is conveniently not in effect. So the governor is shutting down his competition in other counties while helping further his own interests and that of his family? How can any of this be legal?

Prominent Twitter accounts like James Woods and Charlie Kirk were quick to point out the obvious hypocrisy coming from the Governor of California. Newsom is a multi-millionaire and one of the wealthiest politicians in America with an estimated net worth of $20M.

The GatewayPundit pointed out how the official Instagram account for Newsom’s winery has deleted a post that was touting how they were going to be open this weekend…


Governor Newsom is such a hypocrite. He tells us not to gather with family while he is allowing huge protests in the street. He tells us to shut down our businesses while he is keeping his own business interests open. He is threatening others with fines and criminal prosecution while ensuring the rules don’t apply to him or his family. Newsom is out of control and must be peacefully removed from office immediately.

I am glad that so many people are calling out Gavin Newsom over this heinous hypocrisy. Now sign the petition to recall him so we can actually get him out of office before he causes more damage.


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