California bans singing in church…

“Places of worship must therefore discontinue singing and chanting activities,” the state’s Department of Public Health said in their latest guidance for houses of worship posted Wednesday (.pdf).

In the latest of a series of tyrannical “health orders” being issued by the state of California, the practice of singing or chanting in churches will now be banned. For now you can still attend in-person church services in California, but according to the Newsom administration you aren’t allowed to sing now, so how long until they outright ban in-person church gatherings again?

Have you heard of anything more asinine than not being able to sing in a church? They are claiming that a choir got sick with covid so now they must ban all singing in churches.

How do we know that a regular flu or cold wouldn’t have spread just the same? In most cases, covid actually has milder symptoms than a flu or pneumonia. Covid-19 is shown to have a 25%-30% asymptomatic rate where the average rate for asymptomatic influenza is just 16%. This is the major problem with these covid spreads. They can’t actually prove if any other similar virus wouldn’t have spread just the same. So that begs the question why we have never had to face these lockdowns until now?

People have always gotten sick from being around other people that are sick. Anytime I have ever had a cold in my life I obviously got it from someone else, either at school or work, or someone in the family. This is why we encourage people to stay home when sick and wash your hands often. With those two basic things we already prevent most sicknesses. Never before have we had to wear masks, stand 6 feet apart from each other, and not be allowed to sing…

The worst part about this is that all these BLM protests that are continuing to go on are full of chanting, yelling, and singing. Very little social distancing is done and a large chunk of the protesters are not wearing a mask or improperly wearing one. There has been no denunciation of these protesters from the Newsom Administration, he encourages them to keep gathering.


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