Photo proves California health orders are politically driven.

This stunning photo taken on the same day that Gavin Newsom announced the partial or total shutdowns of restaurants, bars, other businesses, and beaches, is proof that his orders are politically motivated and not based at all in law or science.

Governor Gavin Newsom was also pointing blame at family gatherings as a source for spreading the virus and he was strongly discouraging people from gathering with their family this 4th of July weekend… Newsom paints a picture of dire circumstances with cherry picked stats about the virus, and the Media parrots that viewpoint of extreme emergency.

But then we see people just gathering in huge crowds with no denunciation from General Secretary Newsom? Why? Because the mob claims they are protesting racism? Racism against racial minorities is nearly non-existent. The real reason is cause the mob is voting Democrat!

I know people like to claim that the virus has not spread among the crowds, but there was an interesting Newsweek article posted about two weeks ago titled, “Houston Protesters Begin to Fall Ill with Coronavirus After Marching for George Floyd”


That article seems to have been overlooked by everyone trying to push the nonsense that the virus isn’t spreading among the protesters. As if somehow these “protesters” are immune because they have the a virtue signal message.

Either the virus is a complete sham, or these people are in grave danger to the point where the State feels it needs to threaten businesses with punishments, or the virus is real and they want the protesters to get sick and spread the virus. Which is it?

I don’t believe for a second that the Democrats and RINOs are protecting us from anything with the way they allowed these huge groups to gather in the streets. They did absolutely NOTHING to protect us from the riots and looting.

It wasn’t until President Trump showed a strong display of force in D.C. against the Communist horde that other areas followed suit and put an end to the riots. If it were not for President Trump’s leadership in that moment our cities would have burned and the country would have descended into a civil war.

The Democrats clearly want these mobs to takeover the streets and to keep it goin until the election so then they can ask each person in the mob to fill out 20 mail-in ballots each and send them in for Biden. They will bump up the numbers of all the Democrats running against Republicans. And it isn’t just happening in California. This is happening in many blue states and cities across the country. Democrats are doing everything they can to stir up trouble and unrest to try to influence the election.

We need to be aware of what the Democrats are doing and continue to call them out on their double-standards and hypocrisy. Not just with the virus, but with everything they do. The Democrats are literally always guilty of what they try to accuse Republicans of doing. Keep calling them out for their lies and failed leadership.

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