Newsom’s “Strike Teams” to target business not complying with orders

“California is creating “strike teams” from 10 state agencies to enforce guidelines designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday.

He said the teams would “go after people that are thumbing their nose, that are particularly being aggressive, reticent to do anything.”

He singled out bars, restaurants, meat packing plants and other facilities that he said may be putting employees as well as customers at risk.

The teams include representatives from the California Highway Patrol; the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, as well as people from Alcohol Beverage Control; Barbering & Cosmetology; Business Oversight; Consumer Affairs; Food and Agriculture; Labor Commissioner’s Office; and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.”

Newsom said the state is stepping in “from a code and licensing perspective.”

Newsom and his bureaucrat strike team will begin to threaten the legal standing of many of these businesses if they fail to comply with his tyrannical orders. Forcing people to wear masks and plastic face guards, shutting down all indoor dining. I don’t know how well this is going to work and I imagine most of it will be based on voluntary compliance.

The Covid-KGB will be going around and threatening to pull licenses and launching crackdowns on other regulatory compliance. Citing regulations that actually have been passed into law by the legislature will probably be Newsom’s best hope to force compliance. Because the unlawful orders being issued by dictator Newsom are not constitutional, Newsom will be met with an avalanche of lawsuits by the time this is over.

His emergency powers were initially stalled by a judge, but then a higher up judge restored them and silenced the lower court judge that dared to defy Newsom…

They are waging a war on the California populace and trying to cancel our daily lives. All so they can scare us into accepting mail-in voting and all of their stringent regulations. Doing everything they can to target the middle-class people who depend on a small or medium business to survive. Government overreach like this will only drive more people away from the state of California.

People can clearly see that the government is allowing mass gatherings in the street but then turning around and pointing the blame at bars, restaurants, or family gatherings…It is absolutely absurd and people are sick of it.


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