24 arrested after protest in Beverly Hills, California

Police confirmed 23 protesters were arrested Friday night after they ignored repeated orders to leave the very affluent neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California. In addition, one person was arrested on suspicion of arson after a fire was set during the protests. The protesters made the obvious mistake of going after the bigger donors to the Democrat Party, clearly the crooked Mayor would never allow that.

The National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles urged Beverly Hills police to release the protesters, claiming that keeping them in custody over the weekend could threaten their health.

During the height of the rioting, Beverly Hills proclaimed a local emergency and imposed curfews once the riots threatened to spread into the area. On June 14, the city issued an order restricting nighttime assemblies after a noisy protest disturbed residents.

The protesters remained in custody Saturday morning and were being processed, with Bail being set at $5,000. Liberal bleeding hearts say the amount is excessive. We are starting to see what always happens during a failed socialist revolution, the different groups that make up the faction will start to fight with each other as their revolution loses momentum.

It is crazy to think that the police couldn’t respond effectively when the Santa Monica Promenade was being ransacked and destroyed, but when it comes to protecting Beverly Hills they immediately show up and make multiple arrests. I wonder if the rich Liberals living in Beverly Hills will be bailing out these people? Probably not, since most of them are still sitting in jail on a measly $5K bail.

Funny how quickly these rich Democrats find themselves disagreeing with these protests once the protesters show up at their doorstep. How suddenly the police can decide to hold these rioters in jail instead of just processing them and letting them go with no bail like usual. It is clear the Democrats want to send a message to the mob, the homes of the rich Democrat donor class are off limits.

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