Newsom begins ordering counties back into lockdown.

The out of control Governor of California Gavin Newsom is making a move to begin trying to put chunks of the state back into the stay-at-home lockdowns that devastated the state’s economy and put millions out of work. Newsom is threatening to continue pushing areas back into lockdown in the run up to the election. They cite a “spike” in new cases, but totally ignore the fact the death rate has dropped significantly.

Imperial County has had 70 coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the outbreak, the county itself has a population of about 181,215 people…

While 70 deaths is still 70 deaths too many, it is not enough in a county of 181,215 people to warrant sending them back into lockdown. The deaths are what matter here, the new cases mean absolutely nothing. The fact still remains that the vast majority of cases, over 80%, are showing no symptoms or very mild symptoms.

This is outrageous and I hope people are upset at the tyrant Gavin Newsom and his desire to keep as many Californians out of work as he can. All just to validate his emergency orders. He is just trying to terrify people to make them vote by mail. Newsom wants to keep his emergency powers and he will do anything to keep them.

People are starting to see through the obvious lies being pushed by these virus alarmists. Especially at the fact that they will blame any gathering as a source of spreading the virus, except if it is a large protest demanding radical legislative change that favors Democrats.

There was literally a Black Lives Matter rally of about 400 people just 7 days ago in the Imperial County city of El Centro. Why aren’t the Democrats and the Media calling out these protests? If there is any reason for a spread of the virus it is definitely because the protests and not because people are eating at restaurants where the employees are forced to wear ridiculous plastic face masks and they have to spray tables down with disinfectant every time someone moves. The Dems attempt to try to blame family gatherings, churches, or businesses for the spread and not blaming these large protests is insane and many people can plainly see blatant the hypocrisy.

This blatant attempt by Gavin Newsom and his Democrat cohort to blame anything for the virus spread except for these protests should be a wake up call to everyone.  Some areas where Democrats are very powerful, like San Francisco or Los Angeles are already taking extreme steps to reinstate lockdowns, impose cumbersome mask orders and onerous social distancing protocols on anyone not participating in a “protest.” These are the same places that saw the largest protests and rioting!

Newsom wants to shut you in your home while these mobs run the street. Newsom wants to force you to vote by mail so they can commit mass voter fraud. The mob will be out looting and destroying everything in their path, while you are forcibly locked in your home, watch when they begin bolting people into their homes….until they need to come to your house and drag you out to go “get tested” for the virus and we never hear from you again…Don’t think it cannot happen. Newsom is working towards it now.

We must stop the tyrant Newsom. Join the recall effort, it may be the most important thing you ever do as a Californian.


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