5 sheriff’s depts in California wont enforce Newsom’s mask order

Five California Sheriff’s departments, Orange, Sacramento, Tulare, Fresno and Calaveras county have all publicly declared that they will not be criminally enforcing Gavin Newsom’s new statewide face mask orders. I imagine that more Police departments feel the exact same way.

Contrast the tyrannical Governor Gavin Newsom with the governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts. Governor Ricketts is pushing back against mandatory face masks in Nebraska counties by threatening to withhold coronavirus funds if they attempt to forcibly require facemasks in certain places. That is a real leader.

Newsom has gone totally overboard with all of his emergency orders. His push to mandate mail-in ballots for all through executive order had met a very strong legal challenge from Republicans. A brave Judge had even ordered Newsom to halt all further emergency order as it was usurping the role of the Legislature…Until a higher court judge reversed the order and restored Newsom’s emergency powers. Then the Democrat state legislature passed his order into law anyway…

Some Police are making it clear that if Democrats wont support law enforcement well the cops wont support the Democrats by enforcing their stupid little rules. Many police are sick of these Democrats that pretend they are for the police while at the same time pandering to a mob that is literally murdering the police and trying to cut all police funding.

I truly believe that California is capable of winning a stunning upset against many of these Democrats that are bowing to the mob. People do not like what they are seeing in our state and places like Seattle. Most smart people know who is behind all of this violence. Many more people are now seeing through mainstream media lies that help perpetuate the violence and division to subjugate and control us.

There have never been so many Law Enforcement officers openly speaking out against the Democrats for creating an environment where crime is flourishing in these big cities. Their voices are very helpful in this fight to restore law and order and we must do everything to support them.

The Police are under assault from the radical Left that never stops attacking. We cannot rest for a second. We cannot say, “we won, ok let’s go home” because the Democrats are already busy launching another attack while we take a break… We need to keep the political pressure on them, even when it feels like they are defeated, we must press our attack. We must continually defend those that share our values and goals to restore the United States.

Please, if you are California voter concerned about the direction of our state at the hands of these crooked Democrats add your name to the list to RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM by visiting the link below and following the directions carefully.


Thank you, God Bless you.

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