Oakland “Nooses” removed from tree were just workout equipment

“One community member claimed ownership of the ropes and stated that he intentionally placed the ropes on the tree limbs for exercise and games several months ago,” the statement said.

Yet the headline to the USA Today article is “Oakland, California, launches hate crime investigation after finding nooses” because that sounds much scarier than just saying some gym equipment was up in the tree…this world is going mad.

We truly live in a world full of crazy people that literally see racism under every rock. One of the strangest things I can’t understand is why they think we believe anyone would do something like this and then not take responsibility for it? Why a person would do this in a deep blue liberal area where they are far more likely to get caught?

But none of that critical thinking matters to Liberals. All that matters is that the Media can get the headline “Nooses found in park will be investigated as hate crimes.” That is all that matters to these crazy people because they need to keep pushing this racism hoax as long as they possibly can, until election day and beyond if possible. They are faking hate crimes and will continue to do so in order to bolster their failing narrative and it needs to stop now!

This is the same Mayor that tipped off illegal alien criminals about impending ICE raids in her city, and many of them fled. Of course they were rounded up eventually because ICE kicks ass and will eventually get them, but that should have never happened. We should not have to deal with these radical politicians that hate our immigration officials but love illegal alien criminals. Of course ICE hater Libby Schaaf is going to perpetuate this hoax if it furthers her narrative and hopefully gets Trump to stop trying to fix our broken immigration system that she benefits from.

Thousands watched the very grainy video that supposedly showed “nooses” that were dangling 20-30 feet above the ground and not even big enough to hang a person…but very few people actually retweet the facts that someone claimed ownership of the ropes and says they have nothing to do with racism, amid a hate crime investigation. Something no one would ever do if they intended this to be a hate crime. The race paranoia needs to stop.


I have to strain my eyes just to try to find the terrifying noose…gimme a break!

USA Today reported that Johnna Watson, a spokesperson for the Oakland Police Department, told them in a statement that several community members have reported the nooses were used as exercise equipment.

“One community member claimed ownership of the ropes and stated that he intentionally placed the ropes on the tree limbs for exercise and games several months ago,” the statement said. I have to agree that is the most likely thing that happened here.

These swings usually consist of multiple ropes and the lower ones were probably cut off and the upper ones still there…noose like knots are still commonly used all the time, do we have to ban all ropes and knots now?

The amount of hate crime hoaxes being perpetrated by the Left is totally out of control. The media is always there to turn it into a sensational piece, run it on all of their networks, then maybe issue a quiet retraction a few weeks later. The politicians are always ready to respond with their usual drivel and push their agenda. Then they just sweep it all under the rug and move onto the next hoax!



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