Judge restores Newsom’s emergency powers

Sutter County Superior Court Judge Perry Parker had temporarily blocked California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ability to issue emergency executive orders. The judge had sided with two Republican lawmakers by telling Newsom to refrain from new executive orders that might be interpreted as infringing on the Legislature’s responsibilities. It was a good victory for the people and the Constitution of our state….

But Presiding Justice Vance Raye of the Third District Court of Appeal, in a two-sentence directive, reversed the lower court’s actions and has instead barred Judge Perry from issuing any further orders, but he allowed court proceedings to continue. Perry has set a June 26 hearing in the case.

As a sign of increasing hostility between the two sides, Newsom’s lawyers asked that the GOP lawmakers be required to pay the administration’s legal costs! While the GOP lawmakers fired back and said they may ask for costs or fines that they promised to donate “to groups adversely affected by the Governor’s unlawful order.”

California Republicans can’t even enjoy the slightest victory these days. The Democrats won’t allow us even the smallest win, they will attack and attack and then attack again. We can’t rest for even a second without having to mobilize for the next fight, most of the time we are mobilizing after they have already struck and moved on to their next target.

The California Democrats have many swampy judges on their side, corrupt District Attorneys, a supermajority  in the legislature and a rabidly Liberal governor on their side. They have many Mayors up and down the state in their back pocket, and any they don’t control yet they are working to remove from office.

Any of Newsom’s “emergency orders” that rightfully get challenged by concerned citizens are just ratified into law by the legislature anyway. It’s a truly sad and frustrating situation here and it makes California Republicans feel hopeless and lost, but we have to keep fighting the Democrats. They are overstretched across many different fronts trying to fight the Trump Administration and we Patriots in California act like WW2 Partisans behind Nazi-lines.

Every time we pester them and challenge their insane policy making here in California we force them to divert their attention to us and that helps Patriots advance along the other fronts. We cannot give up on California just because it is being run by a bunch of thugs and a hair-gelled tyrant.

We need to fight harder than ever before because believe it or not there are millions of Californians that are very unhappy with the direction of our state. They want to see a real change in California and not this continuation of the same old policies that are increasing homeless and crime, taking away your gun rights, driving up your housing and energy costs, while a mob rampages across the state looting, burning, and tearing down statues…


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