Soros-linked group, “We can’t afford to wait for the elections.”

A Soros-linked group, ‘Refuse Fascism’ published an article titled, “Why We Can’t Wait for November.”The group claims, “We can’t afford to wait for the elections.”


NOTE: The link above is NOT a direct link to the Refuse Fascism website, but rather to an archived version of the article using the Wayback Machine, which acts as a snapshot in time in case the article is edited or deleted.

The group ‘Refuse Fascism’ also allegedly has ties to failed Presidential candidate Tom Steyer:

The writer of the article, Sarah Roark, volunteered with the Hillary 2016 campaign and has repeatedly called for millions of Americans to take to the streets to “oust the fascist Trump/Pence regime.”


Sarah Roark…The hair color says it all…

Sarah was also arrested for carrying a banned weapon around when Ben Shapiro tried to speak at Berkeley and the Left went insane and started rioting…clearly a pattern with them. The Left acted the same way on Inauguration Day.

Sarah Roark says she does intend to vote, but then goes on to say, “However, take a look at what happened in Georgia today (June 9) ―a hundred and forty thousand more votes for Trump in the Republican Party primary, compared to votes for Biden in the Democratic Party primary. And Trump didn’t even need the votes because he ran unopposed on the Georgia ballot.”

They are indeed terrified of President Trump’s record voter turnout. They are clearly aware of the fact that the President doesn’t even really need that many votes since in some places he is running unopposed and in other areas where he is opposed by a handful of no-name Never Trumpers he is still crushing them.

They can see the writing on the wall, they are doomed in the upcoming election. Stirring up civil unrest and trying to cause havoc to ram through their agenda is their only hope, with an extremely slim chance they force Trump to resign in the process.

Using mass groups of people to call for resignations is a signature of the Left and it has worked in the past. It still works on some today,  but I don’t think it will work on President Trump. In fact it has been shown that if you mess with Trump’s front lawn too much he will come out and flashbang you. He doesn’t tolerate their crap and that is why we love him so much.

That is why we see the Democrats using the random death of a black man, who had an extensive criminal record, to piggyback all sorts of radical legislation into law. The same way they used the virus to enact overly strict and unnecessary measures that many places are still dealing with today even as we “reopen.” It is clear both the covid and George Floyd incidents were severely taken advantage of (if not outright created) by the Democrats to try to hurt the Trump Presidency.

And yet still President Trump stands strong. Stronger than ever before maybe. His resolve is absolute and he is very driven and determined to win this election and win it big. He worked overtime during the Pandemic and it paid off BIG with the yuge economic numbers from May.

Now panic is really setting in among the various Left-Wing groups as they begin to slowly realize that Biden has no chance of beating President Trump in November. Especially with the President gaining record voter turnout across the country. The only thing they can do is try to instigate some sort of mass uprising.


In the article published by the Soros-linked group ‘Refuse Fascism’ they stop short of calling for an all out overthrow of the Trump Administration, but they are sure to keep peppering in how the election is going to be rigged for Trump and that they shouldn’t rely on elections for change…

Now, If we choose to change something in our country through means other than an election, how would we do that? I would think violent disruptions or mass civil disobedience would be the only two other options to enact change in a country. Since the activist Democrats are not regularly employed or contributing members of society, no one is really bothered if they engage in civil disobedience.

The Socialists from back in the day at least had real workers on their side. Farmers, factory workers, laborers, people who contributed so much to society that it was very noticeable whenever they stopped working. When these modern Soycialists engage in civil disobedience we all just look at them in disgust, worry about the crime they are causing, and we want the area cleaned up.

Most of these people on their side are homeless anyway…and not the good and decent homeless because I had a financial crisis kind either, they are more like the I ate my family’s faces off and burned our house down because I ran out of meth kind of homeless…

So what other choice do these radical Leftists have other than to try to cause violent disruptions. Agitating the law abiding members of society until we have no choice to fight back…at which point the Left will claim we are oppressing them and attacking them, forgetting all of the agitation and violence they engaged in that caused a reaction.

They stand in the middle of the street, purposefully blocking traffic, even blocking highways and freeways, they want someone to run them over and then they run to the media and suddenly they claim white supremacists neo nazis are running them down in the streets…

These people are actually calling for millions of Americans to take to the streets but that won’t happen unless they can keep manufacturing instances of racism and since racism against minorities is already at historic lows, the Left has to cook them up. Literally fabricating hate crimes and media stories from thin air.

They don’t even need a person to be unarmed when killed by police anymore, an idiot can fight the cops and shoot at them and still somehow the criminal has people marching for justice in the streets now. If a black man commits suicide with no visible evidence to suggest it was a murder, the Left will still claim racism and demand investigations. They are cranking the propaganda machine all the way up to eleven right now and it’s starting to really worry me.

It is clear they want violence and will do anything to achieve it, but they really really want to appear as though they didn’t start it. Even though we all know the Democrats are responsible for the current tensions, they have reliable Media allies and University Professors that will parrot their talking points until they become the “collectively accepted truth.”

We have to just keep being patient, as hard as that may be right now. I understand the frustrations. I would love to go show these agitating Antifa punks a thing or two, but then that would just be playing into their hand right now. As long as we remain patient, they continue to overexpose themselves. They continue to be seen for what they really are by more and more people.

We ARE winning, even if it may not seem like it, but the enemy is lashing out because they are worried right now. Clearly, you can read their own writings and hear their own words. They are desperate to capitalize on ANY little reason to cause riots and mayhem which will then be used by the Democrat mayors and Governors to push radical emergency legislation.

We know their game, don’t play it. Just focus on defending yourself, your family, your home, and your property right now. Trust the President. Have faith in God. You will know when the time to act is upon us. God Bless.

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