Newsom considers imposing statewide mask order for California


The Newsom administration is considering imposing a statewide order to require the use of masks in public. (you may need an account to view the source article) Newsom claims the move would be to combat the spread of the coronavirus…

This while Newsom has yet to condemn the mass gatherings in the street or even point some blame to the gatherings as a possible source for spreading the virus… It is always one set of rules for law-abiding citizens, and quite another set of rules for the lawless rioters that are part of the Democrat base.


Newsom himself just said that California’s hospitalizations, ICU admissions and positive test rates are stable, so why would we need a mask order now? This makes no sense.

Sacramento County officials are also considering changing the recommendation that customers wear masks inside stores and other businesses to a requirement…Why? This is going to make it even more difficult to do business in these already crippled businesses. Newsom is certainly doing everything he can to make the life of a small business owner as inconvenient as possible…

I can’t help but notice that this is coming pretty much on the heels of Orange County  abolishing their mask requirements. The citizens there were able to get the ineffective health director to resign by using actual peaceful protests. After she stepped down the mask orders were lifted.

This is all about Democrats wanting to exert control on the population. It is outrageous to think we can all be forced to wear masks. We all know it will only be selectively enforced on the people whenever the state deems it necessary.

It also facilitates the “protesters” being able to have more masked faces now. Before it was always seen as a little more radical to have your face covered at a protest but now it is the new normal at these protests! They can use the virus as an excuse to all look like antifa now…how convenient!

I hope California will recall Governor Gavin Newsom!

If you are a registered voter in California you can download the petition to Recall Newsom by clicking here.


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