Northern California Mayor Forced To Resign by BLM Activists

Just two weeks after the mayor and the majority of her City Council colleagues declined to have a formal discussion about police use of force policies, the mayor has formally announced her resignation. This is in the small Northern California city of Healdsburg, with a population of just 12,104, a place with a B+ in safety on areavibes.

This woman had a solid history of public service for the area for decades, and the poor woman had only been the Mayor for about 7 months before resigning. She clearly committed the heinous culture crime of being White and not virtue signalling for Black Lives Matter enough and she didn’t kneel to the mob soon enough.

“To me, it’s a solution looking for a problem. I don’t see that that’s a place I particularly want to put our time and energy,” Gold said at a virtual City Council meeting June 1.

A totally common sense position that I think any sane person can agree with. If you don’t have a problem then you shouldn’t really be looking for one. I am seeing a disturbing pattern of these radical Left-Wing BLM activists attacking these small towns that have absolutely no problems with racism. They find these places and then stoke up fears and racial tensions in the area, trying to force resignations or drastic legislative changes.

After the Mayor’s totally perfect comments, she faced a flood of calls for her resignation and last week, tensions boiled over during a demonstration in the town’s plaza when a crowd encircled Mayor Gold and several council members, reasserting their call for her to resign…

Conservatives need to do a better job of gathering around our potential allies and supporting them. These poor defenseless people are being surrounded and attacked by the mob right under our noses and they feel like they have no support so they resign or cave to pressure.

We need to support anyone that is speaking out against the Liberal narrative. I can’t figure out if Mayor Leah Gold was a Democrat or Republican, but that hardly seems to matter in my opinion, the fact that anyone is being forced to resign simply because they dared to show a slightly different opinion than the mob is dangerous and we should all condemn it.

I didn’t like what happened to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, it was horrible and yes he created the situation and I am glad he faced the monster that he created. But we still need to speak up because if that is how they treat their allies, how will they treat their enemies?

Well several people that have been beaten and murdered in the streets during the last two weeks know all too well how anyone who gets in the way of the Left will be viciously treated…and the Mob doesn’t care if you are Democrat or Republican, they don’t want to hear a nuanced position, or have a discussion about the issues, it’s an “us or them” mentality with the mob. If you stand in their way they will destroy you.

Antifa BLM and the other radical Left groups are purposefully looking for weak targets to bully and attack, to make them kneel before them and denounce their “hateful Conservative views” even if it is a Democrat saying it. You see you are not allowed to deviate, no matter how slightly, from the dogmatic narrow views of the Democrats, or they will cancel and ruin your life.

The culture war is getting hot and many many people are losing their careers or even their lives in the fight for the hearts and minds of the American people. This is no longer about Left verus Right, this is Good versus Evil and we are on the right side of the fight!

We just need to do a better job of standing up for ourselves especially when the pressure gets really tough! Know that the Liberals are persistent, but will eventually give up if you fight long enough! Stand strong!

4 Comments on “Northern California Mayor Forced To Resign by BLM Activists”

  1. Pretty much all Marin and Sonoma county has been taken over by liberals. Can’t imagine a R was mayor of Healdsburg. Too bad she couldn’t stand up for her convictions. This is becoming a problem all across Cali. Too many people cave. Most are wearing masks while walking in fresh air alone. They will support BLM until one of them or their family are hurt or looted by a rioter. Only until then. Unfortunately.


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  3. It’s bad enough that Conservatives (and some Democrats) are attacked for having one “wrongthink” belief. It’s even worse when many conservatives are too afraid to unite, stand for their beliefs, and support their fellow conservatives and countrymen. My heart goes out to the people who have lost their lives in this fight and those who have been injured. People need to realize that it is the Left who are the weak ones, simply because they must resort to intimidation, violence, and destruction to get their point across rather than evidence and talking points. Any time one most use violence, it shows that they have no other powers of persuasion or influence, they can only use force- that that alone is their weakness. Thank you so much for posting!


  4. Here’s another point I meant to add, conservatives must take the Left’s weakness and turn it around on them, and by turning it around on them, I mean hit them with their own book of standards since they claim to be peaceful. Bring up the fact that they never live up to their own rules and standards.

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