California man that live-streamed his looting on Facebook gets arrested

“The (city) was severely impacted by the looting that occurred during the civil unrest, and our investigative teams are working tirelessly to solve as many cases as possible,” the department said in a statement.

A 21-year-old San Bernardino man who police say went live on Facebook as he and others looted a gas station and vandalized a restaurant on Waterman Avenue during civil unrest in the city was arrested after community members gave tips to detectives, police said on Monday, June 15.

Terion Alexander Jr., also known as Tavy Alexander, was taken into custody on June 11 on a warrant  for suspicion of looting, burglary and conspiracy. Alexander admitted his involvement in the June 1 crimes, authorities said.

Police said the Facebook Live, webcast early that morning, was public and showed Alexander and possibly three others who police did not name looting a Valero gas station at 1055 N. Waterman Ave. and then vandalizing a Wienerschnitzel across the street.

The tips from the community helped to identify Alexander, police said.

The police are still working really hard to try to identify all of the idiots that filmed themselves looting. And no it won’t do any good to try to delete the images now, the police have archived most of the footage and are already investigating it as we speak.

Many people will continue to get caught for their participation in the looting and riots that engulfed the nation just a few weeks ago. Police were totally overwhelmed and were simply unable to respond to most of the crimes taking place. Many areas marked a record surge in murders, robberies, and assaults.

And yet many Democrat mayors are calling to defund the police or change their tactics, without condemning the heinous behavior of the people who participated in these riots and looting. They are encouraging it by voicing their support for the “movement” that is just being used as cover for an extremist uprising.

I am glad the police are doing what they can to try to bring these people to justice, but I am so angry that this was allowed to happen and that Democrat mayors are actually fighting with the police and not trying to stand up to the violent “protesters.”

Let us hope we see many more of these arrests in the coming weeks, and more importantly let’s hope these criminals face the appropriate punishment to ensure this never happens again.

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