California lawmakers to remove Columbus statue from Capitol rotunda

A gorgeous statue depicting Christopher Columbus that has been the centerpiece of the California Capitol rotunda since 1883 will be removed after legislative leaders decided it is out of place “given the deadly impact his arrival in this hemisphere had on indigenous populations.”


Totally stupid and insane. Christopher Columbus helped bring civilization to this side of the world. The Americas already had massive wars and slavery long before the European Settlers arrived. They weren’t peaceful, they were literally eating the human hearts of their defeated enemies.

When the Settlers arrived with their Christian values they were disgusted at how violent the Natives were and had to ban many of their violent and more heinous practices.

The decision, announced Tuesday by legislative leaders, has long been sought by Liberal special interest groups, but their effort gained momentum following the nationwide protests spurred by the random murder of a black man by a police officer in Minneapolis. A case that has been drastically overblown by the media and turned into an absolute spectacle.

The Democrats are sneakily piggy backing off the racial tensions they created to push their radical agenda, it is more than obvious. Reparations, removing statues, cutting police budgets and using the money to fund radical Liberal causes instead. They will be pushing Green New Deal and Open Border policies soon, just wait, they are already demanding free education.

This has all been planned by the Democrats because the virus lockdowns were failing and Joe Biden was ruining his support with the black community and they needed a quick way to reestablish their control over the people.

All across the country radical Democrats are attacking our history and tearing down statues. They have been trying to push this radical agenda for a while and now they feel like this might be their last chance before President Trump wins reelection and stamps out the radical and corrupt Democrat party for good.

In California, the radicals don’t have to take to the streets to tear down the statues since they own the State Legislature, the Executive and most of the Judicial positions to enforce their agenda. They will vote away all the vestiges of what they call “colonialism” but it is actually an important part of our history. Part of their motivation to change our history is to hide the Democrat party’s involvement in pushing slavery into the New World and how the Republican party formed to oppose them.

The Democrat party hates black people and even still today they push policy that is designed to sound like it helps the black community but really is designed to keep them in poverty. The Democrats are far more responsible for any killing of Native Americans, even hiring some tribes to fight against others. They want to erase that past while making it seem like they are helping the minorities, it is genius and sick at the same time.

I don’t always blame the Democrats for lying, they are liars, but I do question their voters because all of this information about the Democrats is now freely available on the internet and they choose to ignore the truth. They just hate President Trump so much that they can’t bring themselves to accept the truth about the world.

These stupid California lawmakers are voting to remove the statue of a man that without him there most likely would not even be a sophisticated government here that would employ them. The leaders of California are complete buffoons and virtue signalling by destroying our heritage, culture, and history. They must be stopped.

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