LA County’s Homeless Population Jumps Another 12%

Over 66,000 homeless people reside on the streets of Los Angeles County, a 12% jump from the previous count. That is according to the official count which actually concluded in January of 2020, before the coronavirus panic hit the state of California. We wont know the true impact of the virus on homelessness for many months, but I suspect it has made it even worse.

A ballot measure known simply as Measure H was passed by L.A. County voters in 2017 and was expected to generate about $266 million for homeless support services each year. Funded exclusively from a quarter-percent sales tax increase, and yet the amount of homeless people just keeps increasing?

Have you noticed a pattern yet? The Democrats are going to inflate the homeless population to the maximum tolerable level in order to solicit tax increases and federal funding to “fix the problem.” After which they will only do the minimum amount necessary to slightly deflate the problem and make it a little less noticeable. They don’t intend to ever fix the problem because that could impact a lucrative revenue stream and voting bloc.

It is interesting how the virus impact ushered in Project Roomkey, an ambitious plan by the state to house homeless people in hotel rooms to have them avoid spreading the virus. The official results of the plan, of course, were a disaster like everything else the state does. Most of the 150,000 identified homeless were never sheltered, many of them remained on the street. But the state did succeed in confiscating many hotel rooms from owners who weren’t exactly thrilled on the idea of their establishments becoming defacto homeless shelters.

I suspect the state will probably use those hotel rooms that they acquired to house the homeless people and then they can pocket most of the $266 million per year that Measure H is bringing in. Get the picture?

You see the emergency declaration to the virus allowed Newsom to access a special fund for emergencies, using that money to pay for many of his orders and fund his operations like procuring the hotel rooms for Project Roomkey. Now they can house homeless in there and then who knows where the money from Measure H needs to go…

Again, yes they will build new homeless shelters, yes they will house more homeless people, but at the same time the number of homeless continues to grow. They are doing just the minimum amount to make sure it appears as though they are fixing the problem, but in reality it is getting worse. Much worse.

I know from what I see when I walk around Los Angeles that the homeless problem has gotten far worse due to the negative impact of the virus lockdowns. It was almost like if they designed it to play out this way. California was already hurting before the lockdown and the economic impact is adding to the already bad homeless problem.

I see so many homeless people sleeping on the trains and buses, sleeping at the park, on the sidewalks, in alleys and abandoned buildings. Much more than I ever saw before. We are going to be dealing with this catastrophe for generations to come, especially with the inept and corrupt leaders we have in California.

What the heck is the Mayor Eric Garcetti doing while the city suffers? He is covering for the rioters and agitators while the city is swamped in homelessness! He is slashing the police budget when many business owners need the police to remove homeless people from their establishment! If you think a social worker is going to effectively fix the problem you are dead wrong, many homeless people are armed with knives and totally ready to fight to the death!

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