John Sutter statue in Sacramento removed amid cheers

After being vandalized multiple times, a statue of John Sutter, a German-born Swiss pioneer, and one of California’s most important historical figures, has now been removed from in front of the Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento, California.

Listen to the rabid Liberals cheer at their victory against the immobile statue, it’s like they get some odd satisfaction against defeating things that are incapable of fighting back…


Sutter is known as one of the founders of California, whose Fort Sutter was the site of present-day Sacramento, California. He rose up to be one of the richest land owners in the country only to have it all collapse during the Gold Rush era.

Sutter had a long and interesting life that is worth remembering. His legacy left lasting impacts that are still felt centuries later, and he was just a man. A European immigrant actually to this country, who became a Mexican citizen and lived within the Mexican borders for a time before having dual citizenship and becoming a prominent land owner.

He once participated in a sea voyage to what was at the time called the “Kingdom of Hawaii” and ended up staying there longer than anticipated because he missed one of the last boats back to the mainland.

When he had the chance he traveled back to America and landed in California where he eventually worked to build up Sutter’s fort, the area which would eventually become the State Capitol, Sacramento. That is just a quick glance at the storied life of John Sutter a man who achieved many great things.

Here’s the deal, John Sutter had an amazing life and there is no reason to start tearing down statues just because a person participated in the slave trade, which at that point had existed for millennia and was the way of the world. He didn’t invent slavery, he wasn’t particularly cruel, he didn’t mass genocide natives, he just had a few hundred of them as slaves, laborers and servants.

I think Liberal-Progressives are mad because they have no explanation for why the Native-Americans were so backwards and technologically retarded. They were literally worshiping trees still, like some ancient druids did back in Briton before the Romans settled it…The Europeans brought Horses back to the Americas, an animal which had not existed in the Americas for millennia. They brought with them a technologically advanced society, and unfortunately many humans could not keep up or adapt.

The colonization of the New World was a time of great upheaval for humanity, and the consequences didn’t just affect Native-Americans. The political landscape of Europe completely changed, entire empires were built up or collapsed due to what was happening in the Americas. Many people died, on all sides, not just Natives.

Everyone is worthy of remembrance, the Natives just as much as the Colonists. They were all participants in an incredibly complicated point in history and they all deserve to be remembered and honored. Stop tearing down statues, stop erasing our culture. These Democrats are not fixing “racial injustice” by doing any of this crazy rewriting of our history.

We should learn from our past, not try to erase it.

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