Fort Bragg California to vote on name change.

Due to a deluge of requests coming from mostly outside of the city, Fort Bragg, California will vote on whether or not to officially change their name. Why? Because Liberals are crazy and want to erase American History that is why.

Millions of soldiers and civilians have trained and worked on the base since it was established.

Braxton Bragg was born on March 22, 1817, the son of a carpenter whose father was determined to send him to the U.S. Military Academy. Bragg received an appointment to the academy at age 16. He served in the Second Seminole War and the Mexican-American War before resigning from the military and moving to Louisiana to buy and run a sugar plantation, which relied on the labor of at least 125 slaves.

On March 1, 1845, Bragg and his artillery company were ordered to join Gen. Zachary Taylor in the defense of Texas from Mexico. He won promotions for bravery and distinguished conduct in the Mexican–American War.

Bragg was also promoted to captain within the regular army in June 1846. He became known for the discipline and drill of his men and the newly tried tactics of light artillery that proved decisive in most of his engagements against the Mexican Army.

Bragg’s extremely heroic participation in the Battle of Buena Vista brought him national fame. His critical placement of artillery into a gap that had formed in the line, not just once, but twice, was crucial in the repulse a numerically superior Mexican attack. Had it not been for his decisive leadership in those two moments, the entire American force could have been driven back or destroyed. Truly legendary.

While there were a lot of media reports back in the day that suggested Bragg wasn’t well liked or “controversial”, some scholars point out that Bragg was actually not what the media made him out to be. This is something we need to watch out for is media reports being the only thing used to report history, since we know the Fake News likes to lie a lot.

Bragg was actually no worse or no better than most of the generals in the Civil-War and his previous service to this nation more than earned him a place in American History. That is the brutal thing about Civil-wars is that you fight your friends and family, these people were and always will be our American family.

If you want to know more about who Bragg was and his military service in detail there was a good lecture on it here:

This is just another angle of attack for the Liberal-Progressive war on our history. Part of it is because they want to build a new history that erases the Democrats connection to the Confederacy, to Slavery and to the KKK and Jim Crow, and retells history in a more favorable way for them.

We shouldn’t be erasing our history, we should be embracing our history. Only by accepting our past can we move forward into the future.

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