San Francisco settles suit, must remove 70% of homeless tents

The city promised to remove 70% of the tents — about 300 tents — from the Tenderloin by July 20, after which it will work to eliminate all tents in the neighborhood.

The City of San Francisco is hoping to end a legal battle by settling a lawsuit over the homeless tents taking over the sidewalks of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. The City has agreed to remove 70% of tents in the area by July 20.

The lawsuit was filed in May by a group of concerned Tenderloin residents and business owners that have reported numerous issues, crimes, and assaults that involve homeless people.

The number of tents in the neighborhood increased 285% earlier this year at the same time the city moved to reduce its homeless shelter capacity by as much as 75% to comply with stupid social distancing policies set forth during the coronavirus hoax. This lead to a huge surge of homeless tents in the area.

Plaintiffs are complaining about cluttered and impassible sidewalks, drug dealers selling with impunity out in the open, and the unsanitary and crowded conditions that pose a health risk for anyone nearby.

San Francisco has been in the news for a few years now regarding their massive homeless problem. A homeless problem so bad that it has lead to some really disturbing side effects like human feces literally lining the streets in the Tenderloin district.

Used and discarded needles also piling up in the streets…the discarded needle problem was so bad that the City of San Francisco, since they were unwilling to use the police to fix the problem, wanted to create a “safe injection site” where homeless can go “safely” shoot up their heroin and discard their needle in a safe way…thankfully their insane plan was stopped.

The City of San Francisco also announced recently that the police will stop responding to “non-criminal” calls regarding homeless people. Instead they will be sending an “unarmed professional,” pretty much just sending an ineffective social worker. I doubt any of these homeless people will take them seriously so the whole plan is stupid and will lead to more homeless people.

Thank God that some Democrats in California are starting to see how bad the homeless problem is in their area, but they need to realize that it’s the leadership that is causing the problem and refusing to actually fix it. Even the plan to just remove 70% of the homeless tents instead of 100% of them shows the City’s unwillingness to totally eradicate the problem. We must vote for new leadership.

Even still the City plans to just funnel the homeless into hotel rooms and “sanctioned encampments.” Thousands of hotel rooms were secured by the state for the purposes of housing homeless during the covid hoax, hundreds of which are available and ready to be occupied right now. The city of San Francisco also has set up two “sanctioned encampments,” which are basically just city-owned homeless camps, and they plan to open a third this month.

These are not real solutions to fixing the problem. It’s interesting to note that when we used to arrest and lockup people for illegal camping, panhandling, and vagrancy, we used to see far less homeless on the streets. Once Democrats went soft on the homeless, the problem absolutely exploded.

There are a number of young people badly addicted to drugs that are taking advantage of the relaxed laws against camping in the streets and doing drugs in the open, these people would do better in government-mandated rehab or even prison. It gives so many a chance to get clean, to better themselves. There is a myth that jail/prison can’t help people, but that is far from the truth. Many people can better themselves during a stint in jail or prison.

Also we clearly need more mental health facilities, many of which have closed in recent decades and all of the people that were in those padded cells are now out in the streets of major cities in America…It’s very sad.

It’s clear that being too soft on homelessness is actually increasing the number of homeless people. It shouldn’t be comfortable to be homeless. People shouldn’t feel OK being poor and dirty. They will never better themselves if people keep making poverty comfortable.

We know the Democrats aren’t doing all of this out of compassion for homeless, because this is not compassionate, this is evil. To keep as many people down and dependent on the Democrats to keep them voting…Truly disgusting and it needs to stop.

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