California Judge blocks Newsom’s “mail-in-ballots-for-all” scheme

“This is a victory for separation of powers…The governor has continued to brazenly legislate by fiat, without public input and without the deliberative process provided by the Legislature. Today the judicial branch finally gave him the check that was needed and that the Constitution requires.”

A judge in Sutter County has granted a request by two GOP legislators to temporarily block an executive order by Gov. Gavin Newsom that would require that all active California voters receive a mail ballot for the November election.

“We are disappointed in this initial ruling and look forward to the opportunity to brief the court on the issues raised for the June 26 hearing,” -Jessie Melgar, Newsom’s press secretary.

Newsom’s order was met with an immediate backlash from Republicans inside and outside of California. The GOP filed lawsuit almost immediately. The move to fight against the mail-in ballots for all scheme was dismissed as “a reckless publicity stunt” by the California Secretary of State.

Superior Court Judge Perry Parker set a June 26 hearing in Yuba City to determine whether Newsom exceeded his emergency powers by making such a drastic change to California’s election rules.

Newsom plans to challenge the judge’s order, which calls for the state to prove why he should continue “further exercising any legislative powers in violation of the California Constitution … specifically from unilaterally amending, altering or changing existing statutory law or making new statutory law.”

Secretary of State Padilla said he thinks the GOP lawsuit suit is “a continuation of the Republican Party’s plan to throw our democracy into chaos,”. Honestly I have no idea what he is talking about. It just sounds like more angry and baseless rhetoric directed to the GOP because they are standing up to Democrat tyranny.

How is the GOP trying to throw our democracy into chaos? Padilla didn’t exactly say…It’s fair to point out that the people who participated in the riots that nearly destabilized our country are supported by the Democrats. So if anyone is trying to throw our nation into chaos, it is clearly the Democrats.

Also I would like to point out that we are a Constitutional-Republic, not a pure Democracy, the word Republic is literally written on the California state flag…You see Democrats wish we were a Democracy because then they would wield their majority to destroy their political enemies.

A different lawsuit that was filed last month by the RNC and the CAGOP said Newsom’s order to create a virtually all-mail election was a partisan attack by the governor and the out of control Democrats.

We know mail-in ballots are plagued with fraud and the Democrats know that as well. That is one of the reasons they are pushing so hard for this measure because it may very well be the only way the Democrats can win the 2020 election.

Thank God a Judge in California was smart enough to see that and sided with Freedom! Seeing a little bit of sanity in crazy California is always a relief for the country!

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