San Francisco police won’t respond to “non-criminal” calls anymore

San Francisco police will stop responding to neighbor disputes, reports on homeless people, school discipline interventions and other non-criminal activities as part of a police reform plan announced Thursday.

Mayor London Breed’s said officers would be replaced on non-violent calls by trained and “non-armed professionals” to limit unnecessary confrontation between the police department and the community.

I just want to go on record as saying that I think this plan is very reckless and that someone is going to end up getting seriously hurt. I understand what they are trying to do with this move, believe me I get the intent, but I already know it is going to end in disaster. How do we keep allowing Democrats to push these disastrous ideas on us?

Look, here’s the deal, Liberals push proposals that always sound so nice and flowery in theory, but then the reality ends up being a living nightmare. Of course we don’t want homeless people to get hurt during a police encounter, but homeless transients are known to suddenly go crazy and attack people. To put an unarmed social worker in that situation is very dangerous!

What constitutes non-criminal? In any normal society, a homeless transient, or vagrant, taking a crap or doing drugs in front of your business would be a crime, but not in San Francisco. They aren’t going to send a cop, they are going to send a social worker? This whole idea is so stupid.

What about not responding to “neighbor disputes”? Another stupid idea. When people disagree, tempers flare, fights can arise. When someone else tries to come and arbitrate, and they are just some social worker feminist with blue hair and a septum piercing, they are probably going to ignore the government social worker….or worse. You need an armed officer there to act as a deterrent and keep the peace.

Not letting police respond to school discipline calls? What? Have you seen how horrible these kids act out these days? They are violent! They are vicious! They will not listen to their teachers so why the heck would they listen to some social justice agent from the state? These social workers are going to get torn to shreds by the kids in these public schools.

You need that universal symbol of a police officer showing up to arbitrate disputes like this. Police RARELY draw their weapon for no reason. It simply does not happen as often as the Left claims. Many times they are simply arbitrating disputes, calming people down, moving the homeless so they aren’t a disturbance, and yes sometimes they are forced to arrest people.

It is unfortunate that sometimes people choose to fight back, for whatever reason, and it escalates and a police officer may have to draw their weapon. We don’t want it to happen, but sadly it happens sometimes. However, many people, even hardened criminals, think twice about fighting a police officer. Why? Because you are fight the idea of law enforcement when you fight a cop.

Very often a non-criminal situation can turn violent in a heartbeat. I can already imagine that police are going to end up having to escort these social workers around which is just going to defeat the whole purpose because now we are spending twice as much on a police officer AND a social worker when we coulda just used the cop to settle it.

Police aren’t perfect. Few people claim they are perfect. But we know for a fact that most of them are really good people that do extraordinary work for the community. When they put on that uniform it sends a symbol to the community that someone is standing guard and ready to respond to trouble. When that element is removed from society, lawlessness and chaos will follow.

Please, support the police and fight back against these radical social justice reform.

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