Reparations bill passes California Assembly

Amid widespread economic devastation from California’s self-imposed covid lockdowns, horrible rioting that left businesses in tatters, police officers literally being ambushed and murdered, the California State government is going to be setting up a task force to look into reparations for black people…

The measure would convene eight members who have backgrounds in racial justice reforms to lead a study into who would be eligible for compensation and how it should be awarded.

This is totally insane and the Democrats are using the racial tensions they fanned up as a springboard to push this reparations scheme. Make no mistake, this has NOTHING to do with “fixing racial injustice” and EVERYTHING to do with the Democrats creating another welfare-to-voter scheme.

We have so many real problems in California that we should be focusing our attention on. Spending even a minute discussing reparations is a complete waste of time when we have a homeless and poverty crisis swamping the state. Crime levels are through the roof and the California Assembly is worried about reparations for people who had NOTHING to do with slavery?

We also need to keep a very close eye on who they appoint to this reparations panel. The state Dems have a history of giving these positions to the people who donate to them the most. I can’t even imagine how a dissenting opinion will be allowed in this case.

Already we are being scammed because we will now have to be paying this stupid reparations panel while they debate over the pointless discussion of whether people from today, who were never slaves, should be paid compensation from people who never owned slaves…The whole thing is truly insane.

If they ever start doling out major reparation money to people then the program will become another financial black hole that acts like a constant flow of cash straight into Democrat fundraising campaigns. This is a blatant attempt to piggy back reparations off all the racial unrest the Media has caused.

Remember, these are the same Democrats that are still over 10 weeks behind on sending out some unemployment payments to people who have been waiting for months without income…Are we really going to trust them with what I am sure they will tell us is going to be a billion or even trillion dollar program?

This is just another Democrat scam and we need to expose it before they steal more money from the taxpayers.

1 Comments on “Reparations bill passes California Assembly”

  1. This is insanity
    The very notion you give money for historical events or conditions that have no meaning in our current world is preposterous.
    Not enough money to throw at all the injustices in the world.
    Wisdom to forgive, give grace and live in peace, love all lives, they are precious


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