Councilman brought gun to protect businesses during riots — says he’d do it again

“I felt it was my constitutional right to be there,” he said at the meeting. “I don’t regret anything I did. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Things got really intense during those first few days of rioting and people were really unsure what was going to happen. Especially since Law Enforcement became totally overwhelmed and were unable to respond to all the looting and widespread violence.

During the chaos, a city Councilman in Yucaipa, California, named Bobby Duncan took security matters into his own hands. On June 1st, he took his shotgun and joined a few other men with rifles to protect businesses from looters. Truly a brave and noble thing to do during a time of complete lawlessness and chaos.

Well now the Democrats are demanding that he resign…while at the same time making excuses for all the riots and destruction they caused.

Yucaipa businessman Eric Welsh told the Council he was there to defend stores and the Kopper Kettle.


“It has nothing to do with race, religion or politics: it is about protecting businesses,” he said, adding that Yucaipa Strong has 6,000 members on Facebook.

During the widespread looting and destruction, the Yucaipa police were busy reminding people that it was illegal to open carry a weapon outside…look we LOVE the police here in the CaliConservative nation, but it is precisely Liberal policies like that (usually imposed on police by legislators) that makes people feel unsafe. When people feel unsafe they take their own protection into their own hands. That is one of the many reasons we have a 2nd Amendment right to own a firearm.

Liberals really hate Councilman Bobby Duncan. He was the former Mayor of Yucaipa and they berated him when he posted some hilariously accurate memes onto his social media page:


A Muslim advocacy group forced him to apologize and remove the memes from his page. Which he did for some reason, he should have stood his ground. But I get why politicians apologize sometimes as the backlash from these mobs is difficult to deal with. Takes a very strong person to deal with that kind of hate being directed towards them…unfortunately not everyone can be as strong as President Trump!


The bottom right photo that you see there with the armed men on top of the roof is what prompted Liberals to suddenly become fearful…Probably because the armed men were the only thing preventing the Liberal looting from taking place!

Thank God that we have so many people in America that are law-abiding citizens willing to put their life on the line to protect themselves and their neighbors, and the community. This is why we have a 2nd Amendment and that is why the Democrats want to take it away. They want us to be helpless and unable to defend ourselves when they come for us.

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