California man opens fire on police station.

In the small Central California city of Paso Robles a deputy was injured when a man opened fire on the police station. Another man was found nearby, fatally shot in the head and police believe the two incidents are connected.

The shooter has yet to be found and a search was underway in the downtown area of the city of Paso Robles. People in the area have been urged to shelter in place.

The shooter, a man in his 20s or 30s, fired at the Paso Robles Police Department around 3:45 a.m. while officers were inside. Gunfire occurred over a span of some minutes.

Two sheriff’s deputies were fired upon when they arrived on the scene, wounding one. His partner returned fire.

The wounded deputy was flown to a trauma center in serious but stable condition.

This wounding of the deputy in Paso Robles comes on the heels of a smattering of vicious attacks, assaults, shootings, and murders targeting police officers.

Just a few days ago, a man armed with heavy weapons used improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to ambush and kill Santa Cruz County sheriff’s Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller and wound others. That shooter, a former Air Force Sergeant named Steven Carrillo, almost got away too, but a brave citizen stopped him after the suspect tried to carjack him.

FBI agents are probing whether Carrillo had any involvement with a Federal Security officer guarding a U.S. courthouse in Oakland that was shot and killed on May 29th.

Police officers are literally being targeted with extreme prejudice and deadly force, yet our politicians, even many Republicans, are trying to reform the police? Why? What did the police do wrong? Why are all cops being reformed and having their budgets examined because of what happened in Minneapolis?

I have looked at every single case of “police brutality” (a made up term, the real term is excessive use of force) and while it’s horrible to look at, it is clear that these are all isolated incidents and not indicative of a larger problem within the police force.

We have literally millions of arrests that occur every single year and very rarely do they result in the death of an innocent unarmed black man. Even rarer is the case where it happens specifically because of racism…but you would never know that from watching the Media.

The Liberal Media is claiming that there is an epidemic of “black and brown” people being killed in the streets by racist white police officers. It is simply not true.

But it is enough to scare thousands of simple-minded people into thinking they need to take violent action to protect themselves against the police. This is extremely dangerous and this is only the beginning of the problems. As long as the Liberal Media continues to fan the flames of racism and anti-police rhetoric we will continue to deal with this growing Left-Wing insurgency.


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