Seventh senior CA health official quits since pandemic start

Dr Quick is the seventh senior health official to leave her job since the pandemic began.

Since the pandemic began, seven senior health officials have left their jobs abruptly in the state of California.

Some critics had depicted Dr. Quick, the chief health officer of the County of Orange, as a Nazi for imposing restrictive mask orders. They even protested outside of her home and the criticisms and protest became too much for her. She has resigned her position amid what were called “threats.”

Funny how these people have no problem declaring their mask orders and social distancing rules but when people challenge them on it they just fold and give up. If it were really that serious you’d think she would stand her ground and fight. But she must know that it is hard to get the people to wear masks when the CDC itself has previously said they were ineffective.

In May, the Butte County Public Health Department announced that it’s health officer has decided to resign. In April, the Interim Public Health Officer of San Benito County resigned.

David Souleles, who had worked for OC public health for 16 years, retired last month after he stepped up to replace the previous director Richard Sanchez who had stepped down the month prior…

Supervisor Doug Chaffee told City News Service he did not know why Souleles decided to resign in the middle of the pandemic, adding, “There’s something personal there, but he’s not shared it with me.”

I am not exactly sure what all of this means, but I know it means something big for the ways things are changing in America. The Pandemic has put a lot of pressure on our politicians, businesses, education, and healthcare sector. Scientists and doctors are feeling the heat and their decisions are being put under the microscope.

Do masks actually work? Did social distancing do anything? Were the lockdowns effective? What is the real story regarding asymptomatic cases and their ability to transmit the virus? Did schools need to be shut down? Why are these mass gatherings of protesters being allowed in the street when we are supposedly still dealing with a pandemic?

These are all valid questions to ask and it really seems like these healthcare leaders and scientists are failing to come up with conclusive and satisfying answers.

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