HEARTWARMING moment captured between CA Police, young girl

“She came around with a smile and I took the opportunity to reach in my pocket,” officer Mitchell Byrd said Monday. “I had some stickers on me, and I said, ‘Hey, do you want a sticker?’ Her dad, just before that, had told us she wants to be a police officer.”

I figured we could all use a bit of good news to pierce through the cloud of madness that has been consuming our country these past few months. A photo being shared on social media captured a very heartwarming moment between a group of Police Officers, a young black girl and her father.

The group of Police Officers was guarding an on-ramp in San Diego on June 1st. Was great that it happened here, where the San Diego City Council also just voted to increase their budget. We need police right now, more than ever before, and they must be allowed to do their jobs!


To me it really doesn’t matter that they are black people, I just see them as humans. In any normal society their race would never be pointed out, but we live in a sick time where the Liberal media uses race and color to cause division. Anytime there is an incident with a black person they can use to cause division, they jump at it. Anytime there is a heartwarming moment with a black person that might help to heal our divides, they ignore it.

We must counter that by showing people the truth that many people of different ethnicity, racial or cultural backgrounds, and different religions/sects get along in America more than anywhere else in the world.

Really look around the world and you will find alot of strife. Look at the disastrous relationship between Whites and Blacks in South Africa. Look at the fight between the Sunni and Shia in the Middle-East. Look at how China is cracking down on Hong Kong and Falun Gong worshippers, or what they are doing to Tibet. What about the grooming gang problem in the UK? Don’t get me started on the violence in Mexico.

All of that stuff is happening right now as we speak. Where in America, a single police officer is accused of having used excessive force against one man…and that is causing all of this chaos. This is how the Democrats and their Media allies manipulate race relations in America. By solely focusing on the worst cases and amplifying them in the Media, while at the same time burying or downplaying all of the positive news.

Liberal-Democrats have to go back decades, or even centuries, to find any real racial oppression against Black people in America. They use exaggerated racial oppression to financially enslave the black community. If black liberals were to stop seeing White people as the reason for their woes, they would rise above and they wouldn’t need the Democrat Party anymore. The Democrats will do literally anything to prevent that from happening.


So when I saw these photos that captured a heartwarming interaction between a young girl and California Highway Patrol officers in San Diego, I wanted to share it with you guys to let you know that there is a lot of hope in our world right now. As much as it may seem the darkness is overtaking everything, that is just the evil lashing out because it is finally dying.

Support the Police.

Hey Patriots, I designed this mug and 25% of the profits will go to Semper Fi Fund to help disabled veterans and their families! Thank you for your support!


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