California AG files suit against Trump’s ‘SAFE’ vehicle rules

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, leading a multistate coalition, today filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s change to car emission standard.

Absolutely disgusting that while millions of Californians are out of work and still waiting months for unemployment relief to arrive, the attorney general of California is busy suing the Trump administration…Outrageous.

The biggest rule change President Trump is pushing for is a rule that takes aim at the corporate average fuel efficiency standards, requiring automakers to make only minimal improvements to fuel economy, a change of 1.5 percent annually instead of the original push for 5 percent annually.

I love how President Trump named his new guidelines the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles (SAFE) which is a very common thing that the Liberals will do to their bills, give them some catchy name so that anyone arguing against it has to take up the uneasy position of being against something that seems obviously good.

This just shows the disconnect between our state leaders and the people that they were elected to represent. We have massive problems in California right now and in my opinion the absolute least of all of them are car emissions…

Crazy how AG Becerra was totally silent while Newsom was trampling all of our Constitutional rights, but if a car is putting out a little too much carbon dioxide he has his pansexual panties in a bunch and starts filing a bunch of lawsuits!

The lawsuit filed by Becerra was also joined by the AGs from about 23 other states and D.C. The list reads as a veritable grouping of the most Liberal states in the union. California, New York, Hawaii..the most blue states in the country, the people fighting the hardest to make cars as expensive as possible.

You see, once they pass all these regulations it will become virtually impossible to drive a car unless you have paid a number of fees to the state. Cars will already be more expensive just to purchase since the manufacturer will be forced to jump through a series of financial hoops before they can even sell you a car.

Protecting the environment is a noble goal, but that isn’t the driving force behind these decisions by AG Becerra. This is all about the money, and the state exercising control over car manufacturers. The Democrats often hide behind grandiose promises of “protecting” the kids, “protecting” the environment, or “protecting” workers. Rest assured anytime the Democrats want to protect something that means they want to tax something.

Did anyone else notice how there was a push by the Obama administration to drive up the price of oil, shift all of our oil production overseas, and then demand that everyone start moving over to renewable energy?

President Trump has brought energy production back to our country, driven down the price of oil, while at the same time making factories and power plants cleaner than ever before. All with practical and common sense changes. There is nothing too grandiose about what President Trump is doing, it’s all very basic and common sense changes that are grounded in reality.

The Democrats have pie in the sky ideas that sound great in speeches but don’t really translate well into the real world. Often times, the intended effect of their policies never materializes and the opposite effect ends up happening.

When they try to “help” the homeless, they just end up creating more homeless people. When they try to “help” people with extra covid unemployment payments, millions of people go for months without receiving a dime.

The California Democrats are so out of touch with the people of the state and they are only worried about pushing their agenda. They could care less what happens to the people that live here, they only see us as labor, votes, and tax dollars.

It’s time for a serious change in California.

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