Newsom’s budget cuts could displace 200 veterans.

“I am outraged the state would consider letting the burden of balancing the budget fall on the neediest of our population, particularly veterans, who have sacrificed so much for the country and to whom we owe such a great debt,” -CA Assemblyman Jay Obernolte

A veterans home in Barstow may close, forcing about 200 veterans to move, as part of the state’s effort to address a massive budget shortfall that resulted from the novel coronavirus crisis.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s revised budget proposes to initiate the closure of the Barstow Veterans Home over the next two years, which could save about $400,000 next fiscal year and $14 million annually over the long term.

More than two months of business closures and restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus has resulted in a $54 billion state budget deficit. To help fill that gap, Newsom has proposed numerous cuts and is relying on money from the feds.

The Barstow home is on a list of $14 billion in trigger cuts that would be revisited if the federal government doesn’t pass an aid package to help states and local governments.

Strange how Gavin Newsom seemed to have absolutely no problem finding tens of millions of dollars to give to illegal aliens that have no business being in our country, but when it comes to providing for our veterans who fought for us he can’t find a dime for them. What a sick man he is.

I have noticed that many people are starting to wake up to the fact that the state leaders are not representing the values of our state and especially not representing the values of our nation. We have always been a fairly pro-military state until the last 20 years when the Democrats really started attacking the military.

Now Gavin Newsom is squeezing California just a little too hard and the opposition against his leadership is starting to grow exponentially.

California already had so many problems before this crisis began and now the crisis has pushed all of our biggest issues to the surface. Massive budget shortfalls, a growing homeless population, an increase in crime, a sharp decrease in business revenue.

Newsom’s budget cuts are meeting sharp criticism from all sides of the aisle. Cutting our public work force, slashing school budgets, and now displacing veterans…all while we somehow continue to find millions and millions of dollars to give illegal aliens! Even some Democrats have started to voice their concerns against some of these decisions!

The situation is getting tenous for Newsom and he is scrambling to try to do some damage control. He is relaxing some of the lockdown restrictions faster than he initially said he would because the public is literally taking to the streets and businesses and churhces are openly defying his orders. Many smaller cities have even openly declared their independence from the tyrannical lockdowns.

Let us hope these Veterans are not displaces and the more heinous parts of Newsom’s budget cuts are all properly addressed before they are implemented.


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