9th Circuit allows Climate Change lawsuits against Big Oil into state courts

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said Tuesday that San Francisco, Oakland, San Mateo County, and other jurisdictions can pursue their lawsuits in state court rather than in a federal venue…”


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been going totally off the rails lately…I guess they are starting to realize that President Trump is only a handful of appointments away from flipping the 9th’s Circuits so they want to push as much left-wing nonsense while they still can.

The 9th Circuit is recklessly clearing a way for a legal fight to get major oil companies including BP Plc, Exxon Mobil Corp., and Chevron Corp. to pay tens of billions of dollars to deal with the effects of “climate change.”

“The suits seek to reimburse taxpayers for costs associated with adapting to impacts such as rising sea levels—from building multibillion-dollar sea walls and repairing damage from powerful storms to—perhaps soon—moving whole communities inland.”

This is why people didn’t want the California state government to start spending taxpayer money on stupid climate change programs to begin with. Because it doesn’t know how to manage a budget properly. Everything becomes grossly inflated in price. This is the same state government that spent billions building a bullet train to nowhere…a project that was ultimately cancelled.

What is this nonsense about “moving whole communities inland?” What kind of post-apocalyptic craziness is that?! This is why I can’t stand the Liberal point of view because they try to make everything seem far more extreme than it actually is in reality. They always want to frighten us with threats of death if we don’t act to give them billions of dollars.

This is all so insane to me. How does one even define “climate change?” They aren’t even adding man-made to it, so does this legally cover natural climate change as well? If we cut off all oil and gas and the climate still changes, then who pays to prevent that? Can humans even prevent natural climate change? The whole argument is absurd and the 9th is insane for not outright dismissing this totally ridiculous case.

This is all about opening up new avenues for these liberal groups to bilk these oil companies out of money. I have noticed a strong trend among these Liberal special interest groups to target really rich companies and then sue them in the hopes they settle out of court. For some businesses it is easier to settle out of court and be done with the matter for far less money than it would have cost to win the case through years of litigation.

I know that if we were to ever switch over to a total solar and wind energy grid then we would just start hearing about Big Solar and Big Wind and how they are destroying the environment and Liberals need to sue them for more money. It’s an endless cycle. The people they advocate for today will be their targets tomorrow.

Liberals understand that our system for bringing forth lawsuits is very broken and subject to exploitation. This is why so many Democrats are also lawyers!

If I was any of these oil companies I would just move my business elsewhere, problem solved. This is why Socialist-Democrats like Maxine Waters have publicly stated their desire to take over these oil companies, like if we were living in Venezuela or something.

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