California’s largest reopen rally yet held in Sacramento.

Whoever made and flew the “End His Tyranny” banner with Newsom’s face over the flag of the German Reich deserves a medal.

“Freedom is non-partisan. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Conservative, we can all agree at the end of the day, race aside, religion aside, freedom is non-partisan,”

Memorial Day weekend brought the largest protest against the statewide shutdown at the Capitol to date. A huge crowd of people gathered on 10th Street for what was called “Liberty Fest.” The protesters are calling for a faster plan to move ahead with reopening the state. Many people have criticized the Newsom administration of prioritizing certain parts of the economy over others, a clear case of discrimination.

There has been a massive pushback in California against the Newsom Administration as people grow increasingly restless due to these crushing lockdowns. Many people have had enough and that frustration certainly showed today as thousands of patriots took to the streets despite clear orders not to do so.

The protesters didn’t have a permit because conveniently no permits are being issued right now to allow protesting…umm any government that doesn’t allow citizens to engage in protesting, virus or not, is a tyrannical government that should be overthrown.

As President John F. Kennedy once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

Patriots even came from other states to show us a lot of love and support. Letting us know that they stand with the freedom loving people of California against the Oppressor Gavin Newsom. It is very comforting to know that we have many friends outside of the state’s borders! I sincerely appreciate all the support from you all, know that we love you and stand with you as well! We are all Americans and we all deserve our God-given freedoms!

Many people were already concerned that they had to give up 14 days of their lives in order to “stop the spread” or “flatten the curve”, or whatever propaganda buzzword we were using that week, but we did it anyway. And now here we are over 60 days into these shutdowns with no official end in sight. People are understandably upset.

If it was ever going to be a 90-day shutdown from the beginning we should have been told that from the outset. Instead of this 14 days at a time BS they keep pulling. They gave people a timeframe for how long this would last and people planned for that specific timeframe of 14 days. To keep extending the lockdowns is to ask people to destroy their own livelihood and for many they would simply rather die.

With the death rate so incredibly low, many people are deciding that the risks of contracting the virus seem to be worth taking in order to continue providing for themselves and earning a living. Many people understand that the longer we put our lives on hold the further we sink into debt.

For many people it just isn’t worth the financial trouble. I understand where these protests are coming from and I fully support them. I also have a very strong feeling that we will not see any spikes in infection count as a result. Many large gatherings of people have occurred over the past 60 days and none have resulted in any serious outbreaks.

This is why people are so upset about these lockdowns. Because the narrative in the Media doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground. The death toll could be multiplied by 10 and it would still only be a 1/3rd the amount of people that die in America every year…Millions of people die every year from cancer, flu, accidents, all sorts of dangerous stuff, and we never shut down the economy over any of it…

We didn’t even stop gathering in large crowds after the Vegas Massacre of 2017! World War 2 didn’t even prompt these kinds of shutdowns! This is totally insane and out of control!


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