Big Bear California refuses to enforce state Health Orders.

The serene and quiet resort city of Big Bear Lake has decided that it will not enforce Gavin Newsom’s cumbersome health orders heading into Memorial Day weekend. The decision comes as many other areas of the state are also moving ahead of the State’s reopening plan. The city risks could include loss of state licenses for certain types of business. The city said it has no legal responsibilities to enforce the state orders.

Many are calling the state’s plan to reopen the economy too slow and that it can’t be applied to all areas of the state equally. Some areas of the state have very few confirmed cases of coronavirus, even fewer confirmed deaths from the virus.

The city of Big Bear Lake has very few confirmed cases, and no deaths. So there is really no reason that a small resort town that relies heavily on tourism shouldn’t be allowed to start to reopen. Even without any restrictions whatsoever tourism will be way down and revenue in these tourist destinations will take a while to return to pre-lockdown levels.

“As a result of the Governor’s restrictions, the vast majority of local businesses have essentially been closed for the past 10 weeks, resulting in significant and continuing economic and social harm in our community,” the city statement said. “Tourism-dependent businesses have been especially harmed.”

The lockdowns were far too strict, far too overbearing, and ultimately will prove to have been very destructive to our economy. Far more destructive than the virus ever would have been. California is hurting bad from the shutdowns. It seems as if the homeless population in California is increasing and unemployment claims are skyrocketing by the week.

So many unemployment claims have been filed in California in such a short period of time that the website for filing claims has crashed several times and officials have admitted they were not prepared to handle the practically overnight inundation of unemployment claims.

People are out of work and when they don’t have a job they have less disposable income. When people have less disposable income the economy starts to suffer. Many businesses are built on the premise that people will spend on something that they could have ultimately done for themselves. People can cook at home, but sometimes they prefer to go to a restaurant for a prepared meal. You could cut your own hair, but unless you really know what you’re doing it’s probably a better idea to see a stylist or barber.

Our economy is essentially built on the non-essential. And many of the businesses that were deemed essential probably weren’t. I don’t know, you have a hard time convincing me that a marijuana dispensary is more important than a hair salon, barber shop, hotel, or dine-in restaurant. Why can’t they be equally important?

That is the problem that California is facing. The Department of Justice and the Health and Human Services have both voiced concerns and issued warnings over California discriminating against some businesses and faith-based organizations in their plan to reopen.

Several counties, cities, and thousands of churches have risen up in opposition to the prolonged lockdowns that are crushing them. Economically people are suffering far worse than we are suffering from the virus. It is time for us to reopen, and at a much faster pace than the out of control Governor Gavin Newsom will allow.

I have been praying that people will wake up in California and my prayers are finally starting to be answered. So many people have chosen to speak up against these tyrannical governors. People from all walks of life are being adversely affected by these lockdowns and the consequences will be felt for months to come, if not years.

Many people will head into that voting booth remembering how our Governor’s first action in keeping us safe from a virus was to destroy our economy, curtail our freedoms, change voting rules, and try to close our gun shops…

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