California Liberal “man” plans to marry his cat…

Scott Perry decided to pop the question to his cat Olivia after spending two months in quarantine with the comforting kitty

Here at CaliConservative we love all our fellow feline friends. Just as long as they are a legal citizen or resident of these United States. So if any cats illegaly wander over the border from Mexico they better get deported ASAP by the Feline Border Pawtrol! All jokes aside, I wanted to quickly talk about this odd story about a California man that plans to marry his cat to raise money for an animal shelter.

Looking at a photo of the guy I have a feeling that this has more to do with marrying his cat and less to do with raising $5,000 for an animal shelter! Heck if I had $5,000 dollars to spare I would gladly pay money for this man NOT to marry his cat!


Cat body language 101: When your cat looks to the ground like this, it doesn’t want to be held anymore. Put the cat down.

I also must point out that this guy (if he identifies as male) just so happens to be a bit of a Liberal…The following screenshots are from his Instagram account..




Awww he misses Obama. What a cuck. And his instagram is full of “social distancing” posts and shaming anyone who dared to go to the beach…while he himself is at the beach!


No wonder his girlfriend left him and he is marrying his cat! He is one of those aging California Liberals that refuses to grow up and become a functioning adult, so he is stuck marrying his cat and looking for attention online. I have a very strong feeling this is not about raising any money for an animal shelter.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH RAISING MONEY FOR ANIMAL SHELTERS, I fully support that and I really love cats! But cmon man there has to be some other way to raise money for animals. And in a time when people are out of work because of the coronavirus you would think there are other priorities out there.

I have two cats of my own, this is one of them:Screenshot_97


Meanwhile Scott Perry’s cat doesn’t look too happy…


I love my cats to death and I would do almost anything for them, but I would never marry them or become so creepily obsessed with them like this guy! Or exploiting them like this to get attention! He is dressing his cat up in a wedding dress for f***s sake! I don’t dress up my cats in wacky costumes and force them to do stuff they don’t want to do! I actually respect them! Clearly unlike this guy that is humiliating his cat by forcing his cat to marry him in some sick social media ritual so he can get more clicks!

Long before he decided to marry his cat for attention. He was already referring to his cat as “babe” and felt that his cat bonded more with him after his girlfriend left. This dude seriously needs help…I hope the Animal Shelter gets all the money it needs without this guy having to marry the cat.

Only in crazy California do you see this kind of wild stuff!

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