Republican Mike Garcia sworn in as California’s newest member of Congress

“This is a tremendous honor to be a part of history,” Representative Mike Garcia, R-California.

Republican Mike Garcia won a stunning victory in last week’s special election to replace the disgraced Democrat Katie Hill in Congress. Republicans are hoping it’s a sign of more wins to come in the Democrat-stronghold of California. Patriots across the state are fired up as a result of this yuge win!

California’s newest Congressman, Republican Mike Garcia was sworn in Tuesday morning after winning last week’s special election and flipping a Democrat seat to Republican for the first time in more than 22 years. The victory caused a lot of excitement up and down the political chain. Democrats swept the loss under the rug and tried to move on as quickly as possible.

“After seeing more results last night, it is clear that our message of lower taxes and ensuring we don’t take liberal Sacramento dysfunction to Washington prevailed,” he said in a statement. “For too long, the people of our district have not had representation, and it’s time their voice is heard in Washington.”

If any Democrat won a seat in any red state then the Liberal Media would be talking about it 24/7 as an indictment against President Trump. But because Mike is a latino born to Mexican Parents and votes for the GOP and supports Trump AND he flipped a seat in deep blue California, he doesn’t fit the narrative that all minorities must be Liberal and hate the President. So the media will brush off his win, but we the people know this was a major victory for freedom!

“In California we have not flipped a democrat seat in more than 22 years,” Representative Kevin McCarthy, R-California.

Rep. Mike Garcia is a patriot and I hope he continues to serve the people of California with distinction for many years to come. I know he will make a good ally to President Trump and help turn our country around. God knows California needs all the help it can get right now! We are so lucky to have California Patriots like Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, and Mike Garcia on our side!

God Bless California! God Bless America! God Bless Mike Garcia! God Bless President Donald Trump!

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