Newsom requests to spend $2.9 billion on coronavirus with little oversight.

California lawmakers are reluctant to approve a request from Gov. Gavin Newsom to let him spend another $2.9 billion on coronavirus-related expenses with little oversight.

The Newsom administration has OK’d several big money deals for masks and other personal protective gear from very sketchy places. These deals were eventually canceled or partially refunded when the requested equipment was never delivered. That has made lawmakers hesitant to approve Newsom’s request to spend $2.9 BILLION with little oversight.

Rare is it that both Democrats and Republicans in California can agree on one thing, but both sides are issuing criticisms and voicing concerns over Governor Gavin Newsom’s spending and calls for budget cuts.

The sharp cuts in the budget are in response to a massive budget shortfall that could arise from the economic fallout of the decision to shutdown the economy in the wake of the coronavirus.

“I think the Legislature is concerned. I don’t think that’s overstating it,” said Assemblyman Phil Ting, a Democrat from San Francisco and chair of the Assembly Budget Committee. “I think we have to ensure proper checks and balances and that there is proper oversight.”

The proposal includes $8.6 billion in coronavirus-related spending, including Newsom’s request for $2.9 billion “for any purpose related to the COVID-19 state of emergency,” according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. The only requirement would be for Newsom to give lawmakers 72-hours notice.

Newsom expects the federal government will eventually reimburse 75% of that money.

In a very rare public rebuke, Democrat lawmakers are showing concern at Gavin’s latest request to be allowed to spend an additional $2.9 BILLION dollars on coronavirus related expenses. This is already after the legislature allowed the Newsom Administration to spend $1 Billion dollars with little to no oversight…

Incidentally the $2.9 BILLION that Gavin Newsom is asking for is close to the same amount in pay cuts he called for against our state workers. Scheduled to begin with the July pay period it would save $2.8 BILLION in the coming fiscal year…according to Newsom’s $203 billion budget proposal. How convenient, no?

Newsom is also taking aim at varying parts of the budget. From the closing down of every state funded juvenile detention center in California to slashing millions in spending that keeps more than 45,000 people out of nursing homes…Meanwhile he is asking for $2.9 Billion with little oversight? He must be crazy.

Democratic Assemblyman Kevin McCarty said Monday the chance of getting more federal money is “not very promising” and that lawmakers should consider asking voters for permission to borrow money to cover the shortfall.

Yeah good luck with any tax increases pal, we will all vote against them and if they somehow pass then just more people will move out of the state. The people have had it with being overtaxed with nothing to show for it. Look at how they constantly told us how rich California was, but the moment there is a crisis we immediately have to slash our budget and ask for a federal bailout.

At the end of the day this massive budget shortfall that we face is the direct result of Gavin Newsom’s call to shutdown a large swath of the state’s businesses.  Forcing millions to seek government help and having them go from contributing to the economy with their labor to now taking from the economy through the unemployment system.

Gov. Gavin Newsom asking for too much money with too little oversight, while at the same time calling for such steep cuts to our budget. It was really just too much for some politicians to handle, even those that are usually on the far-Left governors side. That is why you see some of these Democrats actually having to stand up to this tyrant and speak out against this overreach.

Their jobs are on the line now and their paychecks are actually under threat if this whole budget nightmare threatens to blow up in their faces. They have until June to fix it, so that deadline is lighting a fire under their lazy butts. If they don’t all find a way forward they will find themselves left behind by a state that is more than ready to move past them.

It is a bit ironic that Gavin Newsom is the one who ultimately decided to shut down our state as a power grab and now the California Democrat Party threatens to tear itself apart. The crisis has exposed the weaknesses in Liberal leadership for everyone to see. These areas run by Liberals area clearly being mismanaged and need financial bailouts if they even want to stay afloat.

It is going to be very interesting to see how Gov Gavin Newsom goes about trying to convince Trump’s federal government to reimburse him for all of the billions he has squandered.

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